There are limited edition anniversary bikes, and then there is the 3T Dreambox. An admittedly over-the-top tribute to all things Italian, the Dreambox is an all-in-one kit that will have you ready to ride in extremely limited style.

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox Exploro Racemax


3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox exploro racemax paint

Earlier this year, 3T announced that they had brought frame production home to Italy. That dry fiber with resin injection and filament winding is on full display with the 60th Anniversary RaceMax Exploro (limited to just 60 pieces, naturally). Not only does the bike get a custom paint job by Tony Spray in Villorba, it also gets a very Italian build.

Campagnolo Ekar 13 speed 3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox Exploro Racemax spec

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox custom parts

Starting with a Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 drivetrain, the rest of the components are hand picked from Italian companies and many feature custom 60th Anniversary details.

Dreambox Garage

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox bike garage

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox bike storage garage

Normally, the bike would be the star of the show. But this time, 3T went out of their way to make sure the presentation was as incredible as the bike itself. To that effect, they created a custom motorized bike garage with built in storage for all of your gear. The box is made with a very solid construction coming in at 200kg—fortunately it’s on wheels so you can move it around. The garage opens with the included remote leaving the exterior free of any buttons or controls. Inside, LED lighting provides illumination—both to see the gear you need to grab, and to act as a display.

The Dreambox is included with the 60th Anniversary package, but if you already own other 3T bikes and you want a storage box for them as well, 3T will sell additional garage boxes for €4900 plus shipping.

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox custom apparel 3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox custom apparel castelli Fizik 3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox custom apparel fizik castelli kask koo

Back to the Dreambox, inside you’ll also find a full custom cycling kit, because why not? That includes a Castelli Giro Race custom jersey and Premio Black Bibs, a Kask Protone Helmet, Koo Spectro glasses, Fizik Terra X4 shoes, Elite Fly 550 bottles, and a custom Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew to cap it off.

Pricing: if you have to ask…

3T 60th Anniversary Dreambox bike

Obviously, all of this opulence won’t come cheap. To get the Dreambox to your door in the U.S, will require $19,610 plus a $750 transatlantic fee which includes all shipping and duties. But considering the Dreambox sells for €19,610 in Europe, you’re actually getting a bit of a price break on this side of the Atlantic. As mentioned, these are limited to just 60 bikes, and even at $20k+, they may go quick.


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