Out of the Faserwerk component R&D lab of ARC8 bikes comes this wild new carbon Baslerstab mountain bike handlebar. The Baslerstab takes integrated one-piece cockpits to the extreme. No stem needed, the bar literally bolts straight to the steerer tube of your fork with its own rear-facing faceplate.

Faserwerk Baslerstab direct-mount lightweight carbon MTB handlebar

Faserwerk Baslerstab direct-mount lightweight carbon MTB handlebar, top

As mountain bikes get more aggressive, longer enduro-inspired geometry, MTB stems keep getting shorter. And with improved ergonomics from more backsweep, Faserwerk was able to bend their new Baslerstab carbon MTB bar so that it sat just in front of your fork’s steerer, while keeping your grips in the same position. Then all they needed to do was shape a recess for the steerer and add a rear face plate to bolt the bar directly to your fork’s steerer tube, without the need for a stem at all.

Tech details

Faserwerk Baslerstab direct-mount lightweight carbon MTB handlebar, clamp

The result seemed logical to the ARC8/Faserwerk team – the natural progression of shorter stems and more integrated components. It even simplifies manufacturing relative to a conventional bar+stem combo, allowing the same bladder molding as a regular bar. Then the faceplate uses compression molding.

In the end, you get a superlight 240g carbon bar that’s still 800mm wide (and DH-certified) with 35mm & 50mm effective stem lengths available. The Faserwerk Baslerstab bar gets 15mm of rise, 9° of ergo backsweep, and 6° of upsweep.

Faserwerk Baslerstab carbon MTB bar – Pricing, options & availability

Faserwerk Baslerstab direct-mount lightweight carbon MTB handlebar, angled

The full carbon Baslerstab bar is made in ARC8/Faserwerk’s own manufacturing facility in Taiwan. It is available now direct from ARC8 or their dealer bike shops from today for $299 / 299€ in either 35mm & 50mm virtual stem lengths.



    • Ant'ney on

      No, it’s a knockoff of the Bontrager RSL, which is a knockoff of the Hixon. Actually the real knockoffs are now well below $100 on ebay…

  1. JS on

    The only real issue is lack of rotation adjustment. I actually run my bars a bit different than most in this regard and it would be odd to not be able to adjust this.


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