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3 wild Eurobike concept bikes: Recycled plastic, hydrogen-powered, or hubless ebike prototypes

HeFlow 4-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered cargo ebike
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Eurobike has a bit of everything, but these wild prototype concept bike projects from Muzzi Cycles, HeFlow & Komo Bike caught our eyes. Muzzi is a one-piece molded plastic frame that can be recycled or even made from recycled material. HeFlow is an adaptable 4-wheeled cargo bike powered by a hydrogen engine. And Komo’s project is a mini-wheeled city ebike with no hubs…

They’re all pretty wild.

Muzzi Cycles eco-friendly recycled plastic bike

Muzzi Cycles sustainable modular recycled plastic bike, all-plastic headtube

Surprisingly enough, the entirely one-piece plastic Muzzi Cycles frame project has actually been around for more than 20 years, with functional production as early as 2008.

But in the time since, this made-in-Brazill concept bike has evolved the frame design itself, and even the material that it is made from.

Muzzi Cycles sustainable modular recycled plastic bike, plastic frame

Environmental sustainability has been been a key focus since the start. And these latest models are created from a blend of various recycled post-consumer plastics, and now even “photosynthesis-based” frames that incorporate biomass fibers in the injection-molded composite blend.

Muzzi Cycles sustainable modular recycled plastic bike, new disc brakes

Thanks to the modular design – and the thick resulting frame sections – the Muzzi Cycles has been able to be adapted to various newer standards in recent years.

Muzzi Cycles sustainable modular recycled plastic bike, modular rear end

The latest Muzzi project bikes have adapted to disc brakes (but still QR axles, so far) with bolt-on metal dropout plates.

Muzzi Cycles sustainable modular recycled plastic bike, ebike version

Muzzi have even managed to turn the sustainable modular recycled plastic project bike into an e-bike now, screwing a battery under the plastic downtube and adding a front-drive hub motor that allowed them to keep the regular disc brake / derailleur-geared rear end.


HeFlow H2 hydrogen-powered cargo ebike

HeFlow 4-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered cargo ebike, side

A bit further away from something you can buy right away, the HeFlow 4 H2 is a 4-wheeled cargo ebike platform, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The Alpha Neo Hydrogen AXH fuel cell packs a 480W PEM fuel cell that is used to deliver power to the 250W electric drive system for the rear wheels. Output torque is rated at 120Nm to propel this beast, and the fuel cell stores a huge 1300Wh of energy to give it a long 150km range.

HeFlow 4-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered cargo ebike, front end

This quad cargo e-bike looks pretty awesome… and maybe even trail-ready.

But the real trick though is that the fuel cell can be refilled and recharged to its 300bar (4350psi) max pressure in just 2 minutes making it ideal for repeated service where you won’t have to wait for a battery to slowly recharge.

HeFlow 4-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered cargo ebike, angled

The standard 4-wheeled HeFlow cargo ebike weighs 75kg, and can haul a 200kg load.

With 27.5/650b wheels it can be built up with urban slick or knobby mountain bike tires. The standard utility model has this built in box, but there are also a couple of different delivery trailer add-ons possible including one that can haul a full-size pallet, plus a family model with a kids seat in the back or a MTB model with a low-profile luggage platform.


Komo Bike hubless ebike

Komo Bike hubless ebike, complete

This last one is another e-mobility engineering exercise out of South Korea. The Korea Mobilty development company of the hubless Komo Bike seems to just want to prove the viability of the “futuristic design” concept.

Komo Bike hubless ebike, front wheel

The hubless front wheel spins around rollers on the short sprung fork, and comes to a stop with a conventional V-brake on the aluminum rim, then wrapped with solid airless Tannus tires.

Komo Bike hubless ebike, rear wheel

The hubless rear wheel is driven by a huge rim-sized cog with a direct drive to the motor that acts a regenerative rear wheel brake, as well for a claimed 15% boost in range.

Komo Bike hubless ebike, hub drive motor inside

Tucked in between the two wheels, the Komo concept bike actually uses a conventional hub motor, at least in this working prototype. For now it all sits in a bulky, bolted-together aluminum frame that uses many 3D-printed parts to finish off the futuristic looks.


Komo Bike hubless ebike, view

While the fully hubless Komo Bike concept is still a ways off… look through that hollow rear wheel to see the Komo Smart, a more current ebike that swaps in a conventional derailleur drivetrain, spokes, and rear hub motor for functional simplicity. The Komo Smart still gets the hubless front wheel and is serving as a proof of concept and test-bed for the further development of the fully-hubless model.


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2 years ago

Jeez, the eBikes are increasingly so very non-bicycle, it makes me think that you should break them out into another site. Maybe ebikerumor is still available?

2 years ago
Reply to  Ron

If it pedals to go, it’s all good imo

2 years ago
Reply to  Ron

OOOOrrrr you could jut not click on the link.

Jason D West
Jason D West
2 years ago

That hydrogen powered, four-wheeled bike thing is awesome! I really want one

Lucky Dagger
2 years ago

Hey, is the hubless wheel stronger than one with spokes? I really like that it’s airless also.

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