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3D-printed Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 & R3 saddles hit the road, now in stealthy all-black

fizik add all-black adaptive anteres evo 21 r3 saddles road cycling
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Fizik have added two new models to their 3D-printed Adaptive range, the Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 and Evo R3 saddles. The newcomers feature the same revolutionary 3D-printed zonal cushioning of Fizik’s Adaptive 00 model, now available with a carbon-reinforced nylon shell with Carbon or Kium alloy rail options.

black fizik saddle antares adtive evo r3 road cycling 3d printed

This time, the aesthetic has improved immensely with both options offered in an all-black colorway.

Fizik Antares Adaptive is back… in All-Black

The Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive saddle was the “world’s first racing saddle made with revolutionary 3D-printed padding”. Now, the Antares Versus Evo R1 and Evo R3 saddles join it, also rocking the lightweight design.

3d printed additive manufacturing road cycling saddle lightweight

These saddles basically replace traditional closed cell foam padding with a 3D printed honeycomb of a carbon composite material. Fizik call it “engineered zonal cushioning”.

Antares Versus Evo R1 and Evo R3 Adaptive Saddles

The Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 and R3 saddles feature a ride-compliant carbon-reinforced nylon shell underneath that 3D-printed honeycomb cushioning. On the Evo R1, that shell sits on super-stiff carbon rails. Meanwhile, the Evo R3 sits on Fizik’s Kium hollow aluminum rail.

fizik introduce two new adaptive saddles road cycling antares versus evo r1 r3

A continuous channel down the centre of the saddles provides pressure relief around the rider’s perineal area for prolonged all-day comfort.

new fizik antares versus evo r1 large wide road racing saddle black
The 149mm wide Antares Versus Evo R1 saddle with carbon rails

Both Fizik Antares Versus Evo saddles are available in 139mm and 149mm width options, each measuring 274mm in length. At a width of 75mm, the saddles have a height of 58mm.

fizik adaptive evo r3 alloy rails
The difference between the Evo R1 & Evo R3 models is the rail material – the heavier R3 uses Fizik’s hollow alluminium rails

The narrower Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 saddle weighs a claimed 174g while the wider profile version weighs a claimed 180g. The Evo R3 with its hollow aluminium rails is the heavier, cheaper option, weighing a claimed 209g for the narrow one, and 215g for the wider one.

new fizik 3d printed saddle road riding lightweight carbon reinforced nylon base

On the topic of the honeycomb 3D printed design, readers have, quite rightly, raised the issue of durability. Fizik say they have tested the materials thoroughly. They claim the saddle is very easy to clean. Even with the filthiest road muck, all you need to do is hose it down with water. What gets in the holes, just as easily comes out, they say.

fizik saddle testing

Fizik put the material through tests simulating accelerated weathering, UV aging and
wear resistance by following strict protocols:

  • Weathering test: +70°C to -20°C for 12 days
  • Durability test: Fatigue 1,000,000+ cycles
  • Weathering test: Light aging for 300+ H
  • Durability test: Wear 100,000+ cycles

Pricing & Availability

The Fizik Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive 139mm & 149mm options will set you back $299.99, or £299.99 / €299.00.

The slightly heavier, alluminium-railed Evo R3 version is a little cheaper at $249.99, or £249.99 / €249.00, for both the narrow and wide option.


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3 years ago

I like it in black a lot more than that weird off-white they did the first one in. It’s a super cool tech demonstration, but the durability tests on the Fizik website seem a little on the thin side and my personal experiences with resin printed flexible materials are mostly negative… I honestly hope I’m wrong because I’d be super down to ride a spaceship saddle if they turn out to be durable.

3 years ago

Wish I could demo it. 300 bucks for the carbon railed version is a bit steep to pull the trigger only to find out it shreds my expensive team kit shorts.

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