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AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2

ask me anything chris cocalis of Pivot Cycles
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We know, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But there are some questions you might not want to ask your local shop or riding buddies. AASQ is our weekly series where we get to the bottom of your questions – serious or otherwise. Hit the link at the bottom of the post to submit your own question!

We had enough questions for Pivot Cycles that we’re back for round two. For the second installment we tackle some interesting topics like how to clean and maintain your dw-link suspension, the best way to install PF bottom brackets, new dropout possibilities, and even a deeply personal question for Pivot’s owner Chris Cocalis.

AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2

What’s the best way to maintain and clean the dw-link components on my Machine 6, particularly if there’s mud on them?  Hose it off, wait for the mud to dry and brush it off, etc? – Chris

Pivot: If the bike is muddy, you can wash it down – just avoid any direct high pressure spraying. It’s always best if you can get the bike wet (maybe hose off the really muddy parts) and then wash the bike with soap and water (bike wash works great, or you can use Dawn dish soap or Palmolive dish soap). Rinse the soap off and then dry the bike and lube the chain.

AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2

What is the best way to install a PF92 bottom bracket?  green Loctite is what I’ve been recommended ? – Adin

Pivot: We don’t recommend using green Loctite on the BB – we actually use this on the pivot bearings in the rockers. We recommend using blue Loctite (either 242 or 243) – use a toothpick to spread a thin layer on the inside of the BB shell and around the BB cups. You want to make sure this is a thin layer, so that the Loctite doesn’t squish out when you press the cups in.

When setting up the Fox suspension on my Mach 5.5, why does it seem the instructions that were sent with my bike are somewhat opposite of what is on Fox’s website? – Thomas

Pivot: We are simply counting clicks in from full open instead of counting clicks from full closed. There are some recommendations we make that are not the same as Fox – this is because our valving is custom so the recommended settings are specific to our bikes.

pivot mach 429 trail mountain bike review

I have a 2016 Pivot Mach 429SL carbon. On the Pivot Cycles website, under the FAQs, the hub/wheel spacing is listed at 142mm (Non-Boost if I recall correctly). Yet, under the ‘Complete Bikes’ tab (my build is PRO XT/XTR 2x) it shows the wheels as DT SPLINE-TWO M1700 BOOST F. So…is my wheel spacing Boost or not? – Eric

Pivot: The 2016 Mach 429 SL had non-Boost 142mm Spacing in the rear, but had Boost 110 spacing in the front. That’s where the ‘F’ comes in on Boost F – F for Front only. We launched the current Mach 429 SL with Boost spacing (front and rear) in 2017.  If you have a newer Mach 429 SL with Boost 148mm spacing, it will have the Boost logo on the seatstay.  All of the facts on your bike would be found under the bike archives.

2018 Pivot Mach 6 alloy enduro mountain bike

Why does the 2018 Mach 6 Alum have the bottle mount under the frame!? – Matt

Pivot: We put a bottle mount underneath the downtube of the frame, just as we did on the Mach 6 Carbon because the bike originally had a reservoir shock, there was no clearance for a bottle so cage mounts would have been useless. That has since changed and a bottle cage could clear with the existing frame so it is possible to modify the existing frame and add bottle cage mounts.  On aluminum bikes we generally run enough bikes in one production cycle to last a year or more so it would be quite some time before there would be any updates made to add the bottle mounts on top.

AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2

AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2AASQ #34: Ask Pivot Cycles anything Pt. 2

Can you make a swinger-style dropout for the Pivot Les with a derailleur hanger? This would offer a nice bailout option, especially for ultra-endurance or bikepackers. – Matt

Pivot: The LES Swinger dropouts on both the original LES and the current LES accept a derailleur hanger. We ship the SS kits with a nut that fills in the where the hanger fits but it is fully compatible with the hanger.  We use these same dropouts on the LES Fat, and that comes with the SS adjustability and the hanger stock.  It’s the same hanger that fits almost every Pivot mountain bike frame so it’s already available through your local dealer or you can order it straight from our website.

I wonder how Chris C. felt getting cheated out of his first company Titus?  As huge Fan of the old brand, and as an owner of 4 Titus models, I was sick when the brand vanished.  Wonder what you would say to Pat Hus and company?  Stupid question? – Brad 

Pivot (Chris Cocalis): Thanks for the question. At the time that I left, it was certainly my lowest point personally – ever. I started Titus my senior year in college and built it from the ground up. It was my baby for 17 years. However, I was the one who made the decision to take on investors and it didn’t work out. It turned out to be a really bad business decision (at the time). However, when I look back now, I can’t really have any regrets. With Pivot, where we are at today is way beyond where we were with Titus. We are a much better company because of what I learned over the years and my Titus experience. As for Pat Hus, he is the VP of Interbike and works with many of the industry organizations that we are involved with, so I talk with him on a regular basis. Regardless of what happened then, the bicycle industry is a small group of people and we all need to work together. I love what we do, and why we do it so we continue to focus on the future and making awesome bikes that make people enjoy the sport even more.


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