Abus announced the 770A SmartX Lock, an intelligent electronic lock that integrates with their smartphone app. It operates wirelessly to disengage based on your proximity, reducing the time it takes to get back on your bike and on to your destination.

ABUS 770A SmartX Lock bicycle U-lock with smartphone app wireless integration

Abus makes a variety of safety products, but this might be their most innovative yet. Like some modern cars, the lock will automatically unlock as you approach it – so you can simply remove the lock and ride away. To re-lock, just push the shackle in, activate the alarm, and walk away.

The 770A SmartX lock can be used by multiple people, with permissions set in the app for permanent or temporary access. A USB-C charging port keeps the device powered.

The 770A includes 3d Position Detection, which detects movement to trigger a 100+ dB alarm. Smaller movements result in a smaller warning beep.

The body of the lock is made from hardened steel, and includes a 13mm hardened square shaft.

An included GPS function records the last location the lock was used.

The Abus 770A SmartX Lock is available now in two variations: a 9″ shackle for $230, or an 11″ shackle for $250. An optional mounting bracket adds $30 to either lock.



  1. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    They forgot to mention there is an actual ABUS key inside unlocking it on the inside so it is harder to defeat. As much as I am not a super fan of smart products, this one is pretty neat. I am sure the other lock companies are going to attempt to copy the design but not the quality as usual.

    • JBikes on

      I must be an idiot because to me that sounds the same as having no key…since it always there. How does it make it harder to defeat?

  2. Ben Leigh on

    I just want a lock with a “fob”, like cars have had for decades. ABUS are not factoring in the human element here: we want sensory confirmation that it’s locked. That’s why your car beeps and/or flashes lights when you lock it. Just walking away from the bike seems convenient on paper, but I think people are going to be wondering if it’s really locked. Just make a motorized locking mechanism actuated by a fob, that is manually powered/overridden when using a key (like a normal lock, in case of low battery)
    Is this already available?
    ABUS’s design addresses a real problem (as evidenced by auto designers evolving their locking/starting experiences), and I support it in theory, I just don’t like the execution.

    • Cassmaster on

      You won’t see a fob in this day and age. Especially when its cheaper to embed a bluetooth chip in the board and have your app piggy back the users phone. Maybe as an option for high end stuff, but installing separate radios and milling out another mold for a fob just isn’t cost effective. It’d be nice, but I think it just ain’t gonna happen unless you have several thousand dollars of product attached to it to justify the costs.

  3. Rob on

    If your phone dies , it’s worthless. If the battery in the lock dies, it’s worthless. Then you’re stranded. It can be broken just as easily as a regular u lock all you have to do is hit it with a stun gun first. Stupid, unnecessary idea.


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