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Accessories in tow: two new bicycle trailers meant to help your gear go the distance

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Olsens multi purpose bike wagon (1)

Go, go, gadget, bike trailer! That’s probably the thought that will cross your mind as you unfold your Multi Purpose Wagon. Just what is a multi purpose wagon? Well, it’s part wagon, part bike trailer, part table and chairs, and part storage. Yes, all of the above packs down into one super compact storage case so you can not only transport your gear, but you can transport the transport as well.

Looking for something a bit more rugged? Then you’ll want to check out the Sentier Bike Trolley next…

Olsens multi purpose bike wagon (2)

Depending on what you want to carry, there are a lot of ways to go about it. You can carry it on the bike with bags or racks, on your back in any number of bags, or tow it along behind you as you go. Bicycle trailers are nothing new, but where Olsen’s Multi Purpose Wagon sets itself apart is in the number of configurations and features the little briefcase packs inside.

With a load capacity of 150kg (330 lbs), the wagon can be used to transport any number of things that fit inside the 100 x 50 x 40 cm cart. Attach all four wheels and it’s a wagon (complete with ISO locks for child seats). Remove two of those wheels and attach it to your seat post and you have a convenient bike trailer . When you’re done using it, pack everything into the suitcase which is also the bottom of the cart. Not done yet, that same aluminum bottom of the cart doubles (triples?) as a table to use with the two included chairs.

All in all it seems like an extremely versatile system that won’t take up much space in the garage, or apartment, or car, motorhome… Retail price is said to be somewhere around $600 which makes the Kickstarter price of $214 a bargain. If funded, the Wagon should be hitting the road by September 2016.


Sentier Bike Trolley tow behind carrier (2)

For those less concerned about toting your kids and more interested in globetrotting, the Sentier Bike Trolley is worth a look. Like the Multi Purpose Wagon, the Sentier Bike Trolly is its own storage, but this time it’s in the form of a roller bag rather than a case.

Sentier Bike Trolley tow behind carrier (1)

Inside the 70 liter, water proof roller bag you can stash away the rear 16″ wheel, wheel fork, and frame mount, as well as a ton of additional gear. We imagine in the right scenarios, this could be incredibly useful for international travel, but would be just as convenient to transport your gear around town. The trailer is meant to fit any wheels from 26 to 29″ with quick release wheels only at the moment – they claim that adapters for thru axles and solid axles/IGH hubs are coming. Pricing for the Kickstarter begins at $559, with delivery around August, 2016.


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7 years ago

I have been researching bicycle cargo trailers the past few months. It’s surprising how heavy and expensive they are.

I am not impressed with the Sentier, a 70 liter bag is quite small, especially if you have to carry the wheel in it. At the same time this trailer weighs seven kilos and the tiny wheels will make walking with it anywhere but indoors annoying.

I settled for the Burley Travoy, it also doubles as a trolley, folds up smaller, is less than half the price, half the weight, has a larger capacity. It has a lower weight limit due to a higher center of gravity (27 kg versus 40 kg) but I can’t imagine loading up a 70 liter bag with 40 kilos of stuff anyway. The 12″ wheels are less suited to go off-road, but much better for walking on uneven sidewalks and public transportation.

7 years ago
Reply to  John

Burley Travoy looks cool, thanks for the info.

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