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Adapt Existing K-EDGE Mounts for Karoo 2 w/ New Hammerhead Mounting System

K-EDGE Hammerhead mounts
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As the Hammerhead Karoo 2 computer gets more popular, more riders are searching for the right mount. Good news: if you already have a K-EDGE mount, you’re probably in luck.

After partnering with Hammerhead, K-EDGE has introduced the HMS or Hammerhead Mounting System. The HMS is an insert kit that will adapt almost 50 different K-EDGE mounts to use with the Karoo 2’s unique connection. With the HMS insert, the computer attaches in the same was as the stock Hammerhead mount – slide it back onto the mount to lock in place, twist and then slide forward to release.

The HMS Insert Kit is made in the USA and will sell for just $12.99, including a selection of different hardware and spacers to work with various mounts. K-EDGE fortunately offers this handy guide to let you know which combination of spacers you’ll need along with the compatible mounts.

Actual Weight

K-EDGE Max XL hammerhead weight
K-EDGE 31.8mm Max XL Hammerhead Karoo 2 mount actual weight (photo/Bikerumor)

In addition to the Insert Kit, three different mounts will be sold directly from Hammerhead with HMS including the Max XL ($57.99), Max XL Combo ($72.99), and Boost Stem Mount ($52.99). Other mount options will be available from K-EDGE and from select retailers. Addtionatlly, the HMS system will be available to license, suggesting other computer mount manufacturers could use it to create their own Hammerhead-compatible options.

  • K-EDGE Max XL, $57.99 – CNC machined aluminum provides unrivaled strength to those looking for added security on the roughest of rides, while achieving pro positioning of your computer out-front, on center, and flush with the top of your handlebars. Optional adapter for camera, lights and more is available direct from K-EDGE. The Max XL mount has a 31.8mm handlebar size for universal compatibility.
  • K-EDGE Max XL Combo, $72.99 – The workhorse MAX XL Combo is fully kitted out for those who want the full setup in a clean, on-center, out-front, aero look with a secure feel. The MAX XL Combo includes an accessory mount for clean integration of lights, cameras and more.
  • K-EDGE Boost Stem Mount, $52.99 – Made specifically for those running short and steep stem setups and looking for a clean cockpit with 1 cm rise in the base. This setup provides a secure position for your Karoo 2 above the stem, without interference. Ideal for MTBs & gravel bikes setup with short stems.
  • HMS Insert Kit, $12.99 – Use any compatible K-EDGE mount and easily convert to the sleek and secure Hammerhead Mounting System Insert Kit. Multiple spacers and hardware are included to dial in the correct fit for your model of K-EDGE Mount.

Hammerhead x K-EDGE HMS Review

Hammerhead Karoo 2 K-EDGE mount on bike

We already know that K-EDGE makes some of the finest computer mounts on the planet. They’re beautiful, incredibly robust, and will likely outlast your bike. So it’s a good thing when you can adapt them to new computer systems. Compared to the mount that came with the Karoo 2, the K-EDGE mounts are easier to operate, and of course made from machined aluminum rather than plastic. There’s also no ‘shelf’ underneath the computer to catch sweat like I found with the stock mount.

When used with a wide stem, the Max XL places the computer a little off-center, so you’d be better off using the Boost Stem mount if you want it perfectly aligned. Overall, if you own a Hammerhead Karoo 2, these are the mounts to get.


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8 months ago

Presumably it means they’ll keep the same mounting system for the K3. If so, there goes any hope of it being a reasonable Garmin alternative … the mounting system is one of the unacceptable parts of the K2.

8 months ago

Its a bit disappointing the K-Edge mount is heavier then the original.

8 months ago

The Karoo 2 literally comes with a Garmin quarter-turn mount option in the box. Why even bother with this conversion? I put the Garmin mount on my Karoo 2 and use it my existing K Edge mounts no problem.

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