If you follow everything Apple, you already know about their new AirTags. For everyone else, the tiny little device from Apple offers another take on the location tracker. Only, with Apple’s massive network of devices and users, the tracker offers an incredible reach making the AirTag an intriguing way to track just about anything. Including bikes…

MyTaggr BikeTaggr Apple AirTag mount for your bike or bicycle

If you’ve already decided to spend the $29 to try an Apple AirTag for tracking your precious bicycle, MyTaggr has an interesting product to help affix it to your ride. Called the BikeTaggr, the AirTag carrier is designed in a way to prevent any signal interference that may interfere with tracking.

MyTaggr BikeTaggr Apple AirTag mount for your bike water bottle cage mount MyTaggr BikeTaggr Apple AirTag mount for your bicycle rack

BikeTaggr is also designed to mount in various locations on your bike, as discreetly as possible. That could be underneath a water bottle cage, behind a reflector on a rear rack, under your seat, etc. The bolt spacing of the holes matches with standard bottle mounts and there are also holes for zip ties if needed.

Obviously, having the AirTag mounted somewhere to the exterior of your bike isn’t the most secure way of attaching it. But, if it’s tucked under your bottle cage or other inconspicuous location, there’s a good chance you might get a read on your bike’s location before the tracker is found.

BikeTaggrs are priced at $19 each, and available in black, white, clear, red, and blue. The AirTag itself is not included – those are available for $29 for one, or $99 for a four-pack at Best Buy.




  1. John Madden on

    Wish they (Apple) had standardized on a smaller size button battery or offered as an alternate size version. Then it would be easy to hide in frame, seat post, bars… and would not be as easy for thieves to spot/remove. A lot will be sold for this purpose in it’s current form but they could do better. Way to jump on the opportunity BikeTaggr! Ordering now.

  2. fr0hickey on

    Reviews say the AirTag won’t be as good as a bike tracker as it could be because of privacy concerns that Apple have regarding its use.
    In order to avoid an AirTag being used to monitor/stalk a person if it is sneakily hidden by person A on person B, Apple decided that the iPhone will pop a notification first to person B (or any other iPhone nearby) that there is a new AirTag around. This would notify a bike thief/Person B that there is an AirTag around and thwart bike owner/Person A from seeing where the AirTag/bike is.
    I can see Apple’s rationale for hobbling AirTag. Bummer.

  3. Charles Kim on

    Biketagger should partner with Project 529 garage when the Bike is stolen in real time. Then the police can be notified and the perpetrator is caught in the act. Doubt in the first hour of stealing the thief will do a look over of the bike

  4. Nick Johnston on

    Put the AirTag in some foam and put it inside your stem. Cheap and no-one will ever know its there. Only have to remove your handlebar once a year to change batteries. That is where I have put my AirTags.

    • Bob Huffman on

      Good idea but curious if you have tested the effectiveness with it in your stem. Is your stem aluminum or carbon?

      • Nick Johnston on

        It’s aluminium. The range is reduced a bit, but haven’t gone to the trouble of testing it. That said, all it has to do is come in contact with an iPhone. If the iPhone is close enough it will detect it.

  5. lihtan on

    Another option for tracking lost bikes would be something like the Milwaukee Tick. It’s part of the larger OneKey tool and inventory tracking system. Although it’s full feature set would be overkill for most cyclists, it has many of the same features of the Apple system. It also uses Bluetooth to create a mesh network to find locate objects. The Milwaukee system works with both Android and iOS users. Although a little larger than the AirTags, the Tick tags are only a quarter of the cost. The Ticks don’t have and on board buzzer. The replaceable battery gets about a 1 year, and the software can show you the remaining battery life. The software also lets you set up geofencing, so you can be alerted the moment a tag leaves the boundary of predefined area. The only possible downside is that the OneKey network would tend to favor finding objects around construction sites, as the network only functions on devices that run the OneKey app.

  6. James Baldwin on

    I prefer to use the magnetic and self-adhesive paste type of TPU Protective Cover, it can completely cover the AirTag and don’t need drill the hole. About the TPU material, it is sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, shock-proof, drop-proof.


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