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April Fools Roundup, Part 2 – Products, Racing, and Nutrition

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April Fools Roundup, Part 2 - Products, Racing, and Nutrition

Looking to capitalize on the success of their extremely popular Random Wrench BMX multi tool, DK Bicycles is set to release a new version with 3 new features. Not only will you be able to use your Random Wrench for fixing your ride, now you will be able to dig trails, cut trees, and fix your post ride meal with the new mini shovel, trail saw, and grill spatula. All of the new tools will fit right into the end of the Random Wrench handle, and will pack down small for transportation.

There are plenty more, great new products after the break!

April Fools Roundup, Part 2 - Products, Racing, and Nutrition

Introduced for the newly popular, super flat, pedally down hill courses, DMR is introducing a radical new DH specific shoe retention system, the Dog Collar. Compatible only with their Brendog Vault Pedals, the Dog Collar brings to DH racing never before seen pedaling dynamics along with near permanent shoe retention. Really, to get out of the Dog Collar, you must undo the strap. According to DMR, Brendan Fairclough was complaining that due to his incredible power, clipless pedals were simply not strong enough to keep his feet glued to the pedals.

Shimano is introducing a new road cycling training group, called MTFU. The new groupset will have 23 gears, but they are all set at 53-13 for maximum power output. The new group is said to be dramatically improving pro cyclist’s numbers, and shifts like a dream.

Planet X has introduced a new deep dish carbon wheel design that allows users to modify the rim section with only the use of a hair dryer. By getting the wheel spinning quickly and applying heat from the hair dryer directly to the rim, the specially bonded carbon fibers will actually grow turning a 45mm rim into nearly an 80mm deep rim. We’re assuming the change will last a few days and then back to normal if you don’t reapply the heat. This is great news for cyclists looking for a number of different depth wheels for varying wind conditions on a budget.

Ridekick, today today announced a ground breaking revolution in cycling for those afflicted with Lefty-ism. Finally, left handed riders can ride the way their bodies were intended to – by pedaling backwards.

In racing news, Trek Bicycle UK has formed the Trek-Cyclismas Pro Commuter team. Following the 10 commandments of commuting, the team promises to be “cycling to work. Like a Boss.” As of now, the Trek-Cyclismas Pro Communting team is the world’s leading, and only, professional commuting team.

April Fools Roundup, Part 2 - Products, Racing, and Nutrition

Perhaps beneficial to the Pro Commuter team, would be the Cal Poly study brought to our attention via Art’s Cyclery. Apparently, body hair can actually have some aerodynamic benefit to racers. Long hair increases aerodynamic advantage until it reaches about 16mm in length at which point it starts decreasing again. The phenomena is thanks to the aerodynamic principle called the “Stokes Boundary Layer Effect. You can read the full study on Art’s blog, linked above.

In the nutrition world, going against their no-gel stance, Skratch labs announced their new energy gel – bacon grease. It has the highest calorie content of any gel on the market and it’s the cheapest, and as an added bonus you can make it at home. Just remember to send Skratch $0.50 every time you make a batch!

That’s it for now – honestly there were so many this year it could go on for weeks!

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11 years ago

you guys missed out on a good one, Di2BS

11 years ago

I want a duck hair dryer!

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