Aventon Level 2 beefs up flagship commuter with increased distance and integrated tech

Aventon boasts a robust collection of capable e-bikes designed to tackle everything from chunky singletrack to bustling urban commutes.

The company is known for its sleek designs and integrated components that take a good deal of bulkiness out of e-bikes, while still delivering on power and efficiency.

Across the Aventon lineup, which includes fat-tire models and even folding e-bikes, none has been more strategically tailored for daily commuting than its flagship line of Level bikes.

Aventon Level 2 bikes

Aventon’s Level 2 commuter e-bikes are available in step-through or step-over models; (Photo/Aventon)

Aventon’s Level lineup has already been a popular option for urban riders, especially those who enjoy weekend adventuring. It comes with a suspension fork up front that gives it a little more smoothness over varied terrain and improves comfort for longer rides.

Aventon’s newest addition, the Level 2, brings a variety of improvements that the brand hopes will make the bike an even stronger, and longer performer.

Aventon Level 2 upgrades

The Level 2 brings a host of upgrades to the popular Level commuting platform that increases range, safety, and fun, whether pedaling into work or off the beaten path. Aventon bills the new bike as the tool to turn ordinary commutes into joy rides.

Aventon Level 2 e-bike. Side view.

The Level 2 includes integrated lights and an LCD display that makes the bike easier to use and safer than its predecessor; (Photo/Aventon)

The Level 2 keeps popular features from the first Level, including a suspension fork to cushion the ride and a rear rack perfect for hauling daily essentials or even bulkier items like groceries.

It departs from its predecessor with several tech and performance improvements that gives this version the opportunity to be more capable across a variety of terrain.

Aventon Level 2 drivetrain.

Aventon’s Level 2 e-bike includes a 48v, 500w brushless hub motor and an integrated battery; (Photo/Aventon)

The Level 2 includes a first-for-Aventon torque sensor for smoother power delivery, along with all-new integrated taillights, a headlight, and a full-color LCD display.

The lights make urban riding, even at night, safer, while the LCD screen makes monitoring speed and battery charge a breeze. It also has app connectivity that makes it easier to monitor electronic components without having to stand directly over the screen.

Aventon Level 2 e-bike. Side view.

The Level 2 comes in four colors, indulging Polar, Himalayan, Glacier, and Clay; (Photo/Aventon)

These features bring the model more in line with Aventon’s recently revamped Pace Next-Gen cruisers, which received similar upgrades earlier this year. But with the added comfort of the front fork, The Level 2 promises to be a bit more versatile.

Like the Pace lineup, the Level 2 stable includes both step-through and step-over models for a more tailored fit for those who don’t want to step over a high top tube every time they get on or off the bike. The Level 2 also comes in four color options, including Polar, Himalayan, Glacier, and Clay.

Aventon Level 2. Rear view.

Racks and fenders included on the Level two make it a commuting all-star; (Photo/Aventon)

Aventon Level 2 technical specs

The Level 2 comes equipped with a 48v, 500w brushless hub motor and an integrated battery that can push the bike up to 28 mph for a distance of about 60 miles. The previous Level line had an average distance of 40 miles per charge.

Aventon Level 2 control panel.

The Aventon Level 2 e-bike features multiple pedal assist modes and an extended maximum range of about 60 miles per charge; (Photo/Aventon)

Aside from the motor and battery, the bike is powered by an eight-speed drivetrain with an assistance throttle and multiple pedal-assist modes. It also includes hydraulic disc brakes for confident braking whether wet or dry.

The Level 2 runs on 27.5 x 2.1 tires with front and rear fenders to keep riders clean. It weighs in at 54 lbs., and at a price point of MSRP of $1,949, it’s a budget-friendly option that still can go the distance.

Aventon Level 2 bicycle with integrated taillights shining at night.

Integrated lights make Aventon’s Level 2 a solid urban commuter option in the evening; (Photo/Aventon)

This post is sponsored by Aventon. Learn more about the Level 2 eBikes at Aventon.com.

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Ernest Fitzgerald
Ernest Fitzgerald
2 months ago

I liked this company better when all they made were SS bikes – but times have changed, and I don’t blame them for finding new avenues for making $$$.

2 months ago

@Mark Wilson, I guess you have a very different definition of “tackle chunky singletrack” than I do…

2 months ago

$1949 for 28 mph
that’s a good deal
very few things are a good deal

Leslie A Lawrence
Leslie A Lawrence
2 months ago
Reply to  paquo

There are a lot of bikes on the market for less that will go that speed. There are very few, however, that also have a torque sensor that are under $2000. (I have found a couple of others.) It’s the torque sensor that makes this bike an exceptional value.

Leslie A Lawrence
Leslie A Lawrence
2 months ago

I test-drove this bike locally, and really liked it. I found the 54lb weight that the company lists on its website a little bit suspect (show me another ebike on the market with a suspension fork that comes in that low; also, it just didn’t feel that light), so I weighed it myself with a digital scale. It actually comes in at 59 lbs (with the battery installed). Liked the bike, but sure don’t appreciate Aventon’s inaccuracy.

2 months ago

sadly, many (most?) ebike companies – including higher end ones like Gazelle… list weights without batteries.

AFAIK some like Tern list weight with batteries.

Wish there were some consistency.

As far as Aventon – under 60lb for a relatively inexpensive, fairly powerful hub-drive bike with an integrated battery with useful range… that’s actually pretty decent.

Dirt McGirt
Dirt McGirt
2 months ago

The step through frame of theirs is the flexiest thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of putting my hands on. I tuned one and recommended that the customer get rid of it before it got rid of their teeth for them.

Also, hub motors are the tube TV of the ebike world.