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Banshee’s new Titan and updated Rune V3 framesets cover all wheel size options, or let you combine them

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With the release of the new Titan and updated Rune V3 enduro bikes, Banshee debuts their newest frame platform and suspension linkage. Banshee’s V3 frames feature their new KS2 linkage, and a forged shock cage that isolates suspension load forces from the rest of the front triangle.

The new Titan offers riders the option of running 29” or 27.5+” wheels, and the Rune V3 allows you to choose between 27.5” or 26”. Banshee’s modular dropout system gives you the option to run mixed wheel sizes on either bike too.

Banshee built several prototypes while refining their V3 platform. The goal was to create balanced bikes that ride fast, fun and inspire confidence.

Banshee’s KS2 suspension linkage:

Banshee’s co-owner and engineer Keith Scott has spent the last three years developing the V3 platform and the new KS2 linkage. The linkage was designed to improve each bike’s suspension performance while maintaining Banshee’s favoured ride characteristics. The KS2 linkage rotates entirely on sealed bearings, and produces almost no rotational friction to ensure good sensitivity and rear wheel traction.

By fitting longer shocks, Banshee kept their frames leverage ratios low (less than 2.5:1). The rear shock’s progression curve is optimized to work with large volume air or coil shocks. The KS2 linkage produces a rearward axle path which helps the bikes carry speed through harsh, square-edged impacts.

A generous amount of initial anti-squat gives the bikes good support for pumping through rollers, and maintains forward momentum through big impacts like jump landings. The antisquat was also tuned to ensure optimal pedalling efficiency at the bike’s sag point, but it reduces as the bike wallows into its travel to resist pedal kickback. Furthermore, Banshee refined their V3 bikes’ anti-rise to offer solid traction and keep the bikes balanced under hard braking.

The new V3 frames feature a 3D forged shock cage which handles the brunt of the suspension load forces. Instead of the entire front triangle dispersing the load, the new Banshees isolate these forces into the strongest part of the frame. Banshee says forging the two sides of the shock cage allowed them to make this part of the frame lighter, stronger and stiffer than machining it or constructing the cage from several separate pieces.

Mounting the shock deep down in the shock cage gives the Banshees a very low center of gravity, which aids overall stability and allows for quick cornering.


Banshee says they played with a wide range of different frame geometries, and eventually settled on numbers they feel achieve the best rider weight distribution. See the charts below for frame specs and geometry for each of the bikes’ various settings.


The brand new Titan is Banshee’s latest trail/enduro bike rolling on 29” or 27.5+ wheels. The Titan provides 155mm of rear travel via a 205x65mm metric trunnion mounted shock, and is designed to accept 160-180mm single crown forks. The Titan’s frame is built from 7005 T6 aluminum, with custom hydroformed tube sets and near net 3D forged components.

Modular ‘long’ or ‘compact’ dropouts offer options for 29”, 27.5+ or mixed wheel size setups. The dropouts are also available in Boost 148mm or 142mm spacings. Swapping Banshee’s modular dropouts changes the frame from its neutral to low/slack geo position, without altering the shock rate.

Max tire clearance is 27.5×2.8” or 29×2.6” with the short dropouts, but with the long dropouts the Titan can accommodate 29×2.8” tires. Banshee also made sure the new frame could fit a full sized water bottle inside the front triangle.

The Titan is available in M/L/XL sizes. Weight is listed at 8.7lbs for a medium frame including the rear shock, dropouts, axle and seat collar. Color choices are all pictured here – red, black or raw.

Rune V3:

The updated Rune V3 is also a trail/enduro bike, but it rides on 27.5” or 26” wheels. The Rune offers 160mm of rear travel from its 205x65mm metric trunnion shock, and like the Titan it can run 160-180mm single crown forks. The Rune V3’s 7005 T6 aluminum frame features the same construction technologies as the Titan.

The Rune V3 frame will fit up to 27.5×2.6” or 26×2.6” tires, and has enough room for a full size water bottle inside the front triangle. The Rune V3 frame comes in S/M/L/XL sizes. The listed weight for a medium (with shock, dropouts, axle and seat collar) is 8.5lbs. Frame color options are orange, black or raw.

*Photos and videos c. Banshee Bikes

The Titan and Rune V3 are both available as framesets, which include a Fox Float X2 rear shock, a headset, seat collar, rear axle and your choice of dropouts. Both are available for purchase now through Banshee dealers, and will ship out in two to three weeks. Only 100 of each model is available so if you’re interested don’t wait too long! MSRP for the Titan or Rune V3 frameset is $2299.


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