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BFS 2016: Alternative urban helmet ideas from Rockwell & Ribcap

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With the urban cycling nature of the Berlin Bike Show (Berliner Fahrradschau) we definitely get exposed to things that we might not have as much of a chance to get a closer look at when strolling the huge halls of Eurobike and Interbike. More city e-bikes, or lots of cool cargo bikes, but it can just as easily be a new look to a helmet or two that catches our eye. This new hardshell from Rockwell is an update to a concept that we had seen a few years ago from them, but now from the ABS outer shell, you can add on a series of flexible fabric-covered EPS liners (with fuzzy earmuffs for winter sports), color matched straps and even accessories like a visor. Take a closer look inside, as well as get a look at the updated options for the half hairnet helmet/half ski cap Ribcap after the break…


BFS_Rockwell_modular-urban-helmet_removeable-EPS-liner BFS_Rockwell_modular-urban-helmet_bike-liner

Rockwell’s modular helmet gets an EPS upgrade from the last time we saw it with tiny plastic bead pods. It seems that a new flexible EPS foam protection element provides better and more reliable impact absorption in a thin and light package. The slots between the 8 arms of the grey EPS liner (shaped something like fan blades) both allows the helmet to be adjusted to fit closely and allows for added ventilation. A ring around the base of the liner lets you fine tune fit with a big dial in the back.

The EPS gets sewn into one of a series of mesh or more solid fabric inlays as Rockwell calls them. This lets you mix and match colors to get the look you want, but also means you can use the same outer ABS shell for both bike riding and winter sports. The Urban bike setup complete costs 140€, and the bike inlay alone (which makes up the bulk of impact protection) can be bought (or replaced) separately for 100€.

BFS_Rockwell_modular-urban-helmet_snow-liner BFS_Rockwell_modular-urban-helmet_visor

Inside the inlay, 3D cushion dots made of a wicking fabric carry over a bit of the look and feel of the original helmet. They evenly spread the weight of the helmets and insure a comfortable fit on the head.

The soft fuzzy lined Mountain covers your head and ears on ski and snowboard for 170€ complete, and is compatible with most goggles. But if you already have the Urban helmet for biking you can swap in the winter sports inlay for 130€, keeping the same outer shell.  Rockwell is working on some other accessories too. This visor was first though of for the bike, although we’ve seen a couple of prototypes ridden down the mountain too.

Each Rockwell helmet meets EN safety norms for bike or ski.



BFS_Ribcap_alternative-head-protection_helmet_classic-cap BFS_Ribcap_alternative-head-protection_helmet_quilted-cap

We’ve seen Ribcap’s not quite a helmet before, designed to look like a cycling cap but provide some level of protection. Essentially something similar to the leather hairnet helmets of old that predated the modern EPS helmet that we now know and love as cyclists. The Ribcaps now offer something of the same tech as modern trail padding via viscoelastic pads that do a good job of spreading impacts while remaining flexible.

BFS_Ribcap_alternative-head-protection_helmet_insulated-quilted-cap BFS_Ribcap_alternative-head-protection_helmet_knit-cap

Now to add to the basic 80€ Hardy cap, there now is the basic winter cap for made out of a Schoeller softshell for 90€ called the Fox, the original merino outer/shearling fleece lined Harris for 86€ (an all-fleece version for the same price called the Björk), and the 90€ Lenny & Iggy beanies. There are even a couple new kids versions for those parents whose kids could use some head protection all the time, but hopefully not for actual biking use where the kids should learn to use a proper helmet.


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8 years ago

The Rockwell concept looks interesting but there is a distinct lack of pictures of it on peoples’ heads on their site… Also the hardshell looks rather like a bakewell tart lattice…

8 years ago


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