bikerumor pic of the day Makena Beach, Maui Hawaii

Photo submitted by Chris, “I was on vacation on Maui. Just a mello ride along Makena Beach and stopped for the pic. A Beautiful calm morning. Bike is a Pinarello Dogma F8.”

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  1. Christian Samuelsen on

    Chris, Greg: I did both when I was there earlier this year…. Mornings: drive to Kamole 3 and walk up the beach to Kamole 1, turn around and walk back. Have a beer or three with the rest of the family for lunch and head out to snorkel, have more beer and dinner, watch the sunset, have more beer. Day trip to the summit of Haleakala ( geeezeus that’s high ). Then off to Lahaina for a luau, stopped by the aquarium ( ! ) and watched some humpback whales about 1000m off of the docks ( close!) etc….etcetera.


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