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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

bikerumor pic of the day la palma, canary islands, spain, shadow of a cyclist riding up 10% grade pavement in the Caldera de Taburiente national park surrounded by pine trees.
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Photo submitted by Roberto Chiappa, “Riding on the route called ‘La Cumbrecita’, 7 km uphill with 10% average gradient that leads thru the heart of Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma isle (Canary).”

We always love seeing photos from where you are riding and are happy to share them with our readers around the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your pics with a brief description here.

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4 years ago

Is all the pavement there that perfect looking?

Morten Reippuert
Morten Reippuert
4 years ago
Reply to  FritzP

Just read the comment – cumbrecita climb is not 7km at 10% average. its 5.9km at 8% average. Its a nice climb though and if you start in Tazacorte, Los Lianos you can add 20k at 5 before the cumbrecita climb starts.

– the nasty short climb is the climb inside the Caldera – Los Brecitos which is 9.3km at 10& avreage
Rad is so twisty and narrow that depending on which line you take you can easly hit +25% gradients – and there is a 500m segment that avarages 20% 🙂

I’ve done both climbs multiple times for 4y in a row.

Morten Reippuert
Morten Reippuert
4 years ago

Cumbrecita 🙂

My favorite Island in the whole world for a winter vacation. I stayed in Los Llanos for 1w in 2015, 2w in 2016 & 2017 and 3w in 2018. Photo is from the lower slopped of the road from the national parks visting center to Cumbrecita entry to the Caldera.

Now you just need to do the following:

1) Climb from zero m to Roque de Los Muchatos from east (you can take a bus back from Los Llianos / Tazacorte. – make sure to stop and enjoy the view to both sides at San Andres at approx 2300m.

2) Climb from zero m to Rowue de los Muchatos from west (you cab take a bus hime from Sante Cruz).
Circumvent the Island. Again remember to enjoy the view from San Andres.

3) Drop into the Caldera a climb to Los Brecitos which is horrible steep all the way – i usealy do it after launch when i have climbed to Cumbrecita in the morning.

4) Climb up to El Pinar from east (Santa Cruz) – ride south on the western fireroad to Los Canarios and continue on paved road to the lighthouse at Fuencaliente and ride back to Santa Cruz.

5) Climb to El Pinar from west (Tazacorte / Los Llianos) – ride siouth on the estern fireroad to Los Canarios and continue on paved road to the lighthouse at Fuencaliente and ride back to Tazacorte / Los Llianos)

6) Circumvent the island on the main road LP1 & LP2 – make sure weather is quiet and dry once you reach Barlovento or it can be a horrible experience – that part of the island this time of year has more in common with the Faroe Islands than the Canary Islands. Remmeber to hold on to your bike once you pass Monte de Luna.

7) Lunch day on on of the fish restaurants in El Remo (continue south after Puerto Naos) – rember to take a dip and enjoy a beer on Chaco Verde beach before you ride back up to the ‘plains’ of Los Llanos

Thats should be sufficent rideing for a good week – if you stay longer remember to hike for a few days

1) route de los Vulcanos from El Pinar to Fuencaliente is a must – if you only have 1 day left this is the one to do. The Climbs is a lot easier than the descends – so starting at 1500m and climbing to 2000m and descenting to 0m is the diorection to chose.

2) The Caldera walk from the parking lot inside the Caldera up to Los Brecitos, to the camp site at Barranco Taurbirente and back allong Barranco de las Augusteas. If youre really cool your will start and end your hike in Los Llanois

3) Cross the Island on the 3000y anciant trail between Santa Cruz and Tazacorte via Revnton Pass – you can cut the hike short and subsite Tazacorte with either Los Llianos, EL Passo or the visting center.

4) A Day at the beach – walk down from El Time to Tazacorte. Suplement by starting in Los Llanos and to take the hiking path down thorugh the banaa plantation in Baranco Augustas and the steep hike up to El Time. sip wine/beer and enjoy a bus ride back to where ever your staying.

5) The Hike up from Los Saucers / Los Tilos up tnorugh the myst rainforrest to the the water erigation tunnels


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