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Scott from Fenix Bykes sent this pic of their convertible road-to-mountain travel bike in front of the amazing new technical trail features at Santos Mountain Bike Park in Ocala, FL. Check out our coverage of their bikes here, and get more info on the IMBA epic trails in central Florida here.

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  1. mudrock on

    I’ve been intrigued by the Macleod ever since that first BR post, but would love to read a review. I know it will be heavy, but rear triangle flex is my biggest concern.

  2. Andy on

    I still want to know their stance on the TT length. Road and MTBs simply require drastically different TT lengths and their design seems to ignore that fact.

  3. Ck on

    He should have taken the picture in front of the newer Corkscrew wood feature at Santos. Great MTB spot in FL. Lots of miles of trails, some good technical sections and areas near where this photo was taken for the guys who like air time.

  4. Will on

    I remember when IMBA came in and did all the trailwork years ago. Really transformed the place. One of the best places in Florida to ride mtn bikes.


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