Photo submitted by Russ Harper, “The polar vortex finally passed by and we could get out for a ride at West Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada. Temps went from -34 to a balmy -8 in just a couple of days. Unfortunately I managed to break a rib about 5 minutes after taking this pic, no riding for a week or two…sigh.”

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*Please note that public spaces and parks may have restrictions or be closed to the public due to COVID-19, please check before heading out.


  1. yogibimbi on

    -8°C or F? But you guys in Canada use real measuring units, right? Metric, grams?

    Anyway -8°C sounds downright tropic. We had -10 in Antwerp just a couple of days ago and the boiler in my airBnB was chugging at max, I think 2 degrees less and we would all have frozen to death after that damn thing had blasted into a near Earth orbit. I still kept cycling and training in the outdoor pool (which is actually more pleasurable as long as it maintains its 25 degrees, because you never really want to leave the water), but I also became keenly aware why I prefer temperatures upwards of 15°C and sun 😉


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