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Bikerumor’s Definitive Guide to Cycling Themed Halloween Costumes For Procrastinators

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ET Halloween Costume

I’m a consummate procrastinator. In fact, I’m probably procrastinating something right now! If you fit the same bill, here are a few stupid Halloween costumes  that you can quickly put together in a pinch. We’ll start it off with the trickier costumes and get progressively easier.


Ignore how well put together this costume is. This girl had enough time to carefully craft E.T.s ugly dome out of paper mache but you’re on a tight schedule. To put this outfit together on the fly, substitute the alien with a hasty sketch done in sharpie on a poorly cut piece of cardboard. Swaddle in a white cloth and duct tape to a spare set of handlebars or basket…Just don’t use this Hail Satan Rack. It might prove dangerous in a confined setting.

Head past the break for the rest of our spook-tacular costume ideas…

Bike Wreck Costume

Source Jim’s Random Notes

Wrecked Mountain Biker

This one is more of a lifestyle than an actual costume. Playing hard and going big have consequences. So grab some of those shoulder slings and soft casts you have laying around and suit up for old times sake. With a helmet and some fake blood, not only will you be safe all night, but you might milk those “injuries” in the form of sympathy from the opposite sex.

Zombie Cyclist

The Zombie biker costume is simple as they come. Throw on either some cycling gear you’ve previously wrecked in or cut up some of those old dorky jersey’s you’ll never admit you actually treasured in the 90s. A little white paint across the face (tutorials abound online) and your ghoul to go.

Kid’s Costumes

Kid Turtle Costume

Source: Mothers Nature Network

Ellen Degeneres has a bunch of great home made kids costume ideas (video here) but if you really want to set your kid on the path to cycling nerdom, ditch the designer duds and fancy bikes. Strap a helmet to their back and the possibilities are endless. Green for turtle, red for lady bug, brown for….

For the truly Lazy:


Take a cue from our editor Tyler and kit up. It might be a little cold but with the right amount of merino wool and attitude you could comfortably pull off Lance Amrstrong. Hopefully you haven’t burned your Livestrong bracelets along with your copy of It’s Not About the Bike.

Want to go this route but want to weed out the real cycling nerds? Grow a beard, tape an eagle decal to your helmet, and go as legendary Sheldon Brown.

On the flip side, dress up like these guys and everyone will just assume you’re a dirt biker. Oscillate between Travis Pastrana and Brian Lopes for the full effect.

Got a good one of your own? Leave a link or description in the comments!

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10 years ago

That was the worst movie (E.T.) I have ever seen. I liked the movie “Snow Beast” better. The E.T. Costume makes me gag.

10 years ago

Thanks for the great ideas! I especially like the kid’s ones. Every adult cyclist will burst out laughing when just a red helmet strapped to the back is a ladybug. Plus: it’s safe!

A Willi
A Willi
10 years ago

@Rambis – At least people know about E.T.

10 years ago

You forgot a “CUTTERS” tshirt. White t shirt, short, boom!

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