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Gift Portable Power this Valentine’s Day and Save 30%

a BLUETTI portable power station sitting on top of a picnic table(Photo/BLUETTI)

This Valentine’s Day, why not skip the usual flowers and chocolates and consider portable power as a symbol of things to come?

Maybe that’s a stretch, or maybe it’s just the kind of practical gift your favorite someone would love.

Either way, BLUETTI is having a sale on its wide selection of solar generators and power stations from February 6 through February 20.

It’s a prime time to save on powering any upcoming cookouts, campouts, or road trips and enjoying the peace of mind provided by a home power backup.


two people sitting in the back of their car using a portable power device from BLUETTI

The BLUETTI Lineup

BLUETTI has been making portable power devices for more than a decade. It continues to grow its lineup with a wider range of power output and modular designs that let people build a setup to meet their needs.

Below, you’ll find new additions to the brand’s line of power offerings as well as new ways to use them. They can connect to your cellphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to act as a remote control or real-time monitor. BLUETTI also offers a warranty on all of its power devices.

Portable Solar Generator

The BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station is the smallest of the bunch but still has a 268Wh capacity.

Carry-along power options mean these can come along on road trips, campouts, and around the house or workshop.

The BLUETTI EB3A, EB55, and EB70S units can charge your cellphone, walkie-talkie, camera, lights, and more. They provide a way to stay connected to the outside world and bring along a few of the comforts of home.

They range from 268 Wh up to 716 Wh and can be paired with the brand’s solar panels for recharging.

Versatile Power Monster


The AC200MAX has 16 outlets to run several appliances and devices simultaneously for hours. These include the built-in 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet and a 12V 30A super-powerful DC outlet made with RV enthusiasts in mind.

It also has a 2,200W PSW inverter and 2,048Wh capacity to fulfill most power demands. If you need more, it can connect with a B230 or B300 expansion battery to increase its capacity and power (up to 6,144 Wh).

There are seven ways to recharge — AC, dual AC, AC plus solar, solar, car, generator, and lead battery) and the LiFePO4 battery specs say it has 3,500-plus life cycles to 80%.

Expandable Power Centers

BLUETTI’s AC500 power station gets a boost from the B300S for more than 18,000Wh of power.

Launched in 2022, the AC500 quickly became one of the brand’s biggest models. To unleash more power, the AC500 base power station can be paired with the B300S to increase its capacity from 3,072 to 18,432 Wh. The combo boosts the 8,000 input rate (PV+AC) to charge from 0% to 80% in one hour.

Similarly, the AC300 is also modular and can work with the B300 for up to a 12,288Wh capacity, as well as a 3,000W PSW inverter for running high-load devices with less worry.

These combos can recharge in six different ways: AC, solar, car, generator, lead-acid battery, and dual charging (AC and AC plus solar). They’re options as gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts and DIYers alike.

Home Backup Power

Two BLUETTI units sitting outside.

Equipped with 5,100Wh capacity and a 2,000 or 3,000W PSW inverter, respectively, the EP500 and EP500Pro are both all-in-one power stations designed for home charging. But, according to the brand, they can work for off-grid power too, and you can transport them easily via their wheels.

The brand’s Smart Home Panel lets you monitor its role in your home’s grid with a 24/7 UPS function for keeping essential appliances running during a power failure. Flexible recharging helps the EP500 stay on.

Accessible Energy

The BLUETTI PV68 Solar Panel with 68Wh output has a kickstand and handle for easy transport.

BLUETTI makes solar panels with five different wattages, from 68 to 420 W, which are part of the model names: PV68, PV120, PV200, PV350, and PV420. The PV68 and PV420 models are the latest additions to a range of panels.

BLUETTI says setting them up with the right tilt can help capture the most solar rays for intake, up to a listed 23.4% high conversion rate, to feed your devices throughout the day.

The brand credits the panels’ use of monocrystalline solar cells and multilayered ETFE “to ensure better light transmittance, higher efficiency, and longer lifespan.”


Social Giveaways

As part of its BLUETTILOVE campaign, the brand is running a social media giveaway during its Valentine’s Day sale.

There are two options to participate: You can upload photos and share your sweetest memories or love story, or post an anonymous SMS expressing your affection.

BLUETTI is offering an EB3A portable power station, a PV68 solar panel, or $20 coupons to lucky winners. Check the website during the sale to learn more.


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