BMC ICS MTT suspension stem combines Redshift ShockStop tech with integrated routing

BMC quietly combined aero integration and gravel comfort this summer with their new ICS MTT suspension stem, just after they dropped the new Roadmachine AMP. If it looks familiar to you, then you’ve been paying attention, because it is essentially the exact same proven Redshift ShockStop stem tech, combined with a BMC faceplate and tidy, semi-integrated cable routing to clean up your cockpit.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, stem

c. BMC, photo by Jérémie Reuiller

Look, the ShockStop suspension stem concept isn’t new. When reimagined by Redshift in 2015 it was already an idea we’d ridden for over twenty years. But Redshift did it better, and it seems to make a lot more sense on all-road & gravel bikes than it ever did for serious mountain biking. When we reviewed it two years later, we were pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

But now everyone has gone aero and cables have been integrated – with BMC leading the charge – so they decided to work together to make an even more-modern gravel suspension stem.

What’s new?

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, imternal routing cover

BMC’s gravel suspension stem take the names of two of their existing technologies – Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) & Micro Travel Technology (MTT). Thus, the BMC ICS MTT suspension stem combines adaptable compatibility with integrated cockpits and up to 20mm of elastomer travel at the bar to complement the 10mm of MTT elastomer travel in the back of the URS or also the 20mm of coil-sprung HiRide front suspension of the URS LT gravel bikes.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, internal routing

What’s really new is the way the BMC stem tucks cables out of the way inside an integrated cover just below the stem body, and then directs those cables inside the steerer tube or frame via custom steerer spacers that seamlessly transition into the headset’s upper bearing cover. All that while allowing for split spacers to adjust stem height as needed and using a conventional bar to ensure hand position adjustability.

More comfort for longer rides over rougher terrain, in addition to the benefits of lower-pressure, high-volume tires.

Tech details

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, elastomers

Developed together with Redshift, you get the same tunable ride feel with two of 5 different interchangeable elastomers inserted into the stem to suit rider weight or riding style preference.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, exploded view

BMC’s solution though is a bit wider and boxier for improved stiffness, spins on wide-set sealed bearings, and also includes BMC’s integrated faceplate GPS/GoPro out front mount.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, prototype development

The ICS MTT stem is available in just one 0° angle that cannot be flipped like the Redshift stem, and in five sizes – 72, 80, 90, 100 & 110mm – with a claimed weight of 330g (80mm) including the routing covers.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem – Pricing & availability

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, side

The BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift is first available as an OEM option on their latest URS 01 carbon gravel bikes ranging from 8-11,000€. But it also is available separately through your local BMC dealer for 250€ in five different stem lengths, as well as directly online in the near future.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, side view

The trick now is that BMC only is currently offering the lower headset transition spacer to fit their URS, Roadmachine X & Alpenchallenge AMP bikes & ebikes. You could theoretically fit it on any other bike with integrated internal cable routing and a 1.125″ upper steerer tube, but you would likely have to 3D print your own custom spacer for that same seamless transition.

BMC ICS MTT suspension stem x Redshift, riding

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1 month ago

What a huge amount of hassle, just so you can hide your cables! Get over it.

1 month ago

Neatest implementation yet of Redshift’s ShockStop stem. This is pretty much the one to get if you absolutely insist on zero visible cables around your handlebars.

Nice that they’ve modernized the design this way but I’m still partial to exposed cabling.

Vince E.
Vince E.
1 month ago

BMC: The Specialized of Europe

1 month ago

actually, the face place is looks like PRO Vibe, have there any patent issue ?