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Bontrager and Bjorn are coming to grips with lock-ons made from recycled plastics

Bjorn Recycled grip
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Reduce, reuse and… recycle. If there’s one place on a bike that you could plug in some recycled goods, the bars are a good place to start – specifically the grips. Bontrager and Bjorn both have new grips that are almost as green as the forests they’ll be ridden in…

Bjorn Bikes & ODI

Bjorn recycled grips
photo c. Bjorn Bikes

Bjorn recycled grip

Bjorn Bikes has partnered up with ODI Grips in the creation of Bjorn Recycled Lock-On Grip. They’re made with 100% recycled thermoplastic elastomers collected from the trimmings and defective grips of ODI’s manufacturing. Bjorn designed the grip with a tougher rubber in mind due to the TPE being reworked from previous use. The grips are 130mm long,  31mm diameter, have an offset center for added comfort and are torqued to 3nm at the collar. They’re available in black and priced at $30.

Bontrager & Plastix XR Trail Grips

XR Trail Pro
Photo c. Trek Bikes

There are 3 new XR Trail grips from Bontrager, each built on a core made from recycled plastics collected by Plastix. The plastic is collected on its way to the ocean or a landfill and is broken down into raw material for use. The 3 options include the XR Trail Pro, Elite and Comp. The Pro has dual locks, a 32mm diameter, an alloy CoreLock, is available in 90/130mm lengths and priced at $35.

The XR Trail Elite grips are 130mm long, 31mm in diameter weigh in at 98g and are priced at $25. It has a single locking clamp that torques up to 3nm and a more robust endcap for longevity. The elite also come in 5 colors – blue, black, olive grey, orange and green.

Bontrager XRT Grip Bontrager XR Trail Elite Grips

Lastly, the XR Trail Comp receives the same rubber compound grip surface, a recycled plastic core and finned texture for added confidence. The Comp measures in at 130mm long, 31mm in diameter, weighs 88g and retails for $15. Oh, and they come in 5 colors – green, blue, black, olive grey and orange.

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3 years ago

bjorn grips user: very tacky rubber compound, the kind that can only be guaranteed by an ODI-produced grip. despite the very minimal siping pattern, there’s plenty of traction for hands, even gloveless in summer. with gloves, they’re like velcro! the only real downside to the design, for my personal taste, is the lack of micro-cushion. the mostly solid/smooth siping pattern, mixed with a not-too-thick overall diameter, means there isn’t much squish.

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