Bryton’s simple, powerful Rider 420 cycling computer, full-featured Android Rider 860

What Bryton does best with their GPS devices is create affordable options for buyers looking for full-featured cycling computers that don’t break the bank. Two new Rider devices from the Taiwanese company look to step up their game, with the Rider 420 getting improved hardware & a much better display, then the Rider 860 teasing full-color, touch-screen mapping in an all-new Android-powered cycling computer.

Bryton Rider 420 affordable cycling computer

Bryton Rider 420 affordable cycling computerBrtyon’s newest GPS device the Rider 420 slots in between the 410 & 450 introduced last summer, working off the same 2.3″ screen mid-sized platform. Inside there are incremental improvements, but the standout new feature is a high-end optically bonded display that dramatically improves usability in varied lighting conditions and just gives this device a much higher-quality look (now with adjustable contrast & backlight levels).

The bonded display significantly reduces the distance from the outermost surface of the device to the actual monochrome LCD itself, eliminating almost all issues of glare or shadows. Extending the display to the edges means the device is more susceptible to finger prints, but dropping the rounded plastic face just makes for a more premium look.

Bryton Rider 420 affordable cycling computer

Inside, the $130 / 130€ Rider 420 gets all of the same connected functionality of the previous 410 (at the same price), plus new turn-by-turn breadcrumb Follow Track navigation with street names when connected to the Bryton Active smart phone app, and now the ability to change settings without interrupting a ride.

Those features include both ANT+ & BLE sensor connectivity, new BLE power meter pedal support, five GPS satellite systems for exceptionally fast global location, customizable data pages (up to 8 fields per page), and auto sync with Strava, Komoot & Ride with GPS. All with a 35 hour runtime for the 77g (37x32x8mm) device.

The Rider 420 should be available globally by mid October 2019 at the latest, with bundle options also available with heartrate, speed & cadence sensors.

Bryton Rider 860 full-color, touch-screen Android cycling computer

Bryton Rider 860 full-color, touch-screen Android cycling computer

Going beyond the simple mantra of the 420, a new Rider 860 is coming soon that will bring even more functionality thanks to a powerful Android-based operating system.

The Rider 860 gets a full-color 2.8″ touch-screen that can be used with gloves. Said to be more intuitive than ever to use, the new 860comes pre-loaded with free global OpenStreetMap mapping for detailed turn-by-turn navigation, without needing to be paired to a smartphone.

Bryton Rider 860 full-color, touch-screen Android cycling computer

The 300€ Rider 860 isn’t quite as affordable as the 400 series devices, but compared to similar color devices you’ll still likely save at 50-100 bucks, with more flexibility from the open-source OS.

Features of the 128g (56x96x23mm device) include full 5 system global satellite tracking, BLE & ANT+ sensor connectivity, ANT+ FE-C trainer control, WiFi auto uploads, Bryton’s Follow Track navigation with street name & POI info, and a 16 hour run time.

Bryton Rider 860 full-color, touch-screen Android cycling computer

The new device also adds ‘Adventure’ routing that helps you plan new rides based on bike style, distance & target ride time. It also works with the Bryton Active app to push local weather condition notifications, and is expected to include third-party apps for integration with services like Strava, Komoot, Ride with GPS & more.

An official launch date has not yet been set for the new Rider 860, but it is expected before the end of 2019.

Bryton Rider affordable cycling computers

One nice feature of both new Brytons… both will continue to use the Bryton standard 1/4 turn interface (unlike last year’s new Aero mount), so you can use your existing mounts, most computer mounts with a replaceable adapter, or Bryton’s alloy Sport Mount that can also add a GoPro still adapter underneath.

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