We previewed the new single-wheel Coho XC suspended mountain bike trailer from Burley last fall at Interbike, and now it is finally hitting the trail. With the goal of modernizing their classic Nomad tagalongs, Burley set out to build an all-new backcountry-ready trailer to track behind the latest in mountain & gravel adventure bikes.

Burley Coho XC full-suspension, single-wheel bike trailer

Burley Coho XC, an adventure-ready off-road bike trailer

The resulting Coho XC combines an aluminum frame with coil suspension, a single wheel with a tire up to 3″ wide, and an adjustable yoke that will mount to anything from a townie to a fat bike. Weighing 21.5lb/9.74kg on its own, the base Coho XC trailer can haul an additional 70lb/31.8kg of gear getting it off your bike and tracking smoothly behind you no matter where adventure takes you.

Tech Details

Burley Coho XC, an adventure-ready off-road bike trailer

The Coho XC is all about extending your adventure so off-road capability and flexible packing are probably its core features. The get off-road the coil-over, oil-damped shock promise to cut down on the strain on your gear  and the trailer itself, but also to keep the thing more manageable bouncing down technical trails behind you. The adaptable rear wheel setup also goes a long way to giving it better trail manners. The Coho XC comes with a 16″ x 2.125″ mountain bike tire on a QR axle wheel. But you can also upgrade to a plus sized rear wheel with a 16 x 3″ tire. If you are going to stick on the road a 1.75″ road tire can speed you up, on the stock wheel.

Burley Coho XC, an adventure-ready off-road bike trailer

Flexibility comes from how you want to pack the trailer. The Coho XC comes stock with the base trailer, soft side panels, a cargo net, and the removable structural fender over the rear wheel. But you can also buy a Pannier rack & dry panniers that hang over the rear wheel, or a custom fit 75L dry duffel bag. The trailer also includes several bottle cage spaced mounting point on its frame to attach whatever extra carriers you dream up.

Burley Coho XC, an adventure-ready off-road bike trailer

Flexibility is also how it will work with any bike with rear axle spacing between 126-197mm, thanks to the welded alloy yoke which looks like it is one-piece, but actually moves independently from each side.

The Coho XC includes a standard QR Ballz Axle for up to 135mm quick release bikes. But you can also buy a set of bolt-on Ballz nuts, or Ballz Thru Axles that are available for 12mm x 142, 148 & 197mm axles with various thread pitches.

Burley Coho XC, an adventure-ready off-road bike trailer

The Coho XC also features a centerstand style kickstand that will prop up both the loaded trailer and your bike once you stop. The trailer is easy to disconnect with one hand, and then can be left to stand on its own as well.

Pricing & Availability

The Coho XC cargo trailer will set you back $419 in its base form, which is now available direct from Burley or through their dealer network. The 16+ wheel option will add another $89. And if you have a thru-axle bike it’ll cost you $55 more.

Without the coil suspension and with the 1.75″ road tire, the more basic $350 Coho for road and gravel riding should also be available soon.


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