Cadence Collection taps Coors Banquet for cycling, adventure & lifestyle gear

Cadence Collection and Coors’ new collab gear consolidates a wide array of casual and outdoor gear. Everything from cycling bibs to snapback hats are on tap, and it all helps benefit wildland firefighters.

Through Coors Banquet’s Protect Our Protectors initiative, a portion of proceeds from the collection will go to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The organization started in 1994 after Colorado’s South Canyon fire claimed 14 firefighters’ lives, and continues to support families of fallen wildland firefighters today.

The collection itself seeks to evoke the nostalgia the Banquet logo and imagery tend to illicit, allowing for self-expression along the way.

Oh, yeah — it’s also cycling gear.

cadence collection coors

Photos c. Cadence Collection, Coors Banquet

“At Cadence, we view cycling as an experience, and that the experience is unique to each rider. Rather than focusing on gear designed for hyper-elite athletes in pursuit of once-in-a-lifetime events, we create practical, versatile, and approachable products that inspire people to integrate cycling into their daily lives,” said Josh Sweeney, general manager of Cadence Collection.

The collection website points out you can pour a Rocky Mountain-cold Coors Original into any of its graphic-bearing cage-ready bottles. The bottles also get a silicon dioxide “infusion,” which creates an impermeable barrier on the inner surface – standard for the Specialized Purist bottle used as the base.

cadence collection coors

You can also get a variety of casual-fit pinstriped MTB jerseys, or black arm warmers. Bibs, long-sleeve jerseys, “landscape” hats, and cycling caps are all available.

cadence collection coors

The base layer, which reimagines the Banquet seal with a cyclist enjoying a ride break, looks pretty cool too.

cadence collection coors

Photo c. Drew Martin via Cadence Collection

For rest days or days that don’t involve riding at all, check out the hoodies, “work” vest, tees, and crop top. You won’t find micromesh or four-way stretch here; it’s all about cotton-and-chill.

cadence collection coors

Socks and Nalgenes round out the lineup.

cadence collection coors

But product-scrolling is not where the party ends; it’s where it starts.

“We want people to experience cycling on their own terms, unencumbered by the traditional notions of the sport,” said Sweeney. “At the end of the day, we ride bikes because it’s fun and having fun is what we’re all about.”

Cheers to that.

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9 days ago


8 days ago

Nothing better than bring in the nostalgia of when Coors cared about pro cycling. At least its good cause.