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Super Aero Carbon Spokes finish new $3,500 CADEX 50 Ultra wheelset, plus new Aero Tubeless Tires!

CADEX 50 Ultra full bike
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You may have seen a uniquely branded CADEX all-arounder wheelset rolling under the Team BikeExchange-Jayco at the Tour de France (and Giro de Italia). It’s been a favorite of many riders on the team, including Simon Yates and Michael Matthews. Yates had an excellent impression of the wheels, considering he rode them to victory on stage 14 of this year’s Giro d’Italia. So what are they? The new CADEX 50 Ultra Disc — a new pinnacle of aero and efficiency from the premium wheel maker.

Photos: Jordan Villella

What’s new — CADEX 50 Ultra wheelset

In short — everything. When we see a manufacturer with a recently updated set of wheels (in this case, the CADEX 36 Disc), we imagine they would transfer the hub and spokes to the new rim — boom, new wheels. For this wheelset, CADEX went above and beyond to separate the CADEX 50 Ultra Disc from the rest of the line.

The 50 Ultra is the first wheelset from CADEX to have “Ultra” attached to the naming convention. That’s because the upgraded hubs, spokes, bearings, and tire system works to create a super stiff, total performance package.

CADEX 50 Ultra Disc

You could say this is an all-rounder wheelset, it will tackle the mountains, rolling hills, and the open wind, but it’s beyond robust enough to rumble in the gravel.

CADEX 50 Ultra gravel

“What makes a fast road wheel is one that can best manage the various, ever-changing forces of road riding,” said Jeff Schneider, Global Head of Product at CADEX. “In any road ride or race, riders encounter climbs and descents, fast flats and tricky corners, group dynamics, and solo moves. The CADEX 50 Ultra Disc is engineered to account for all these factors—particularly drag at high speeds.”

CADEX 50 Ultra interal width rim

Designed for responsiveness & maximum tire contact

The CADEX 50 Ultra employs the same tubeless/hookless mantra used in its full line of wheels but with subtle tweaks to make them perform better. The 50 Ultra rim uses a continuous carbon fiber structure with an increased rim bead width of up to 3.8mm on each side. The idea is to create a rounder tire shape (not only for its Aero Tire) and give the rider side wall support, grip and handling.

CADEX 50 Ultra full rim width

CADEX designed the rim for use with higher volume road tires. The 22.4mm inner rim width creates an increased tire contact patch, resulting in better grip and a smoother ride.

CADEX 50 Ultra front wheels

The CADEX 50 Ultra rim uses what CADEX calls “precision reinforced layup technology.” This layup process places carbon fiber only where needed, creating a robust and stiff rim structure. Considering the overall weight of the wheels is 1382g — we’d say it’s working.

CADEX 50 Ultra weight rear hub

All new CADEX R3-C40 Aero hub

CADEX went from an already premium R1-C30 hub from the 36 disc wheelset and turned the performance knob up just a touch. The new R3-C40 hubs are the 3rd generation CADEX hub and feature ultra-low friction internals, aerodynamic modeling, CADEX ceramic bearings, and 40-tooth ratchet engagement.

CADEX 50 Ultra weight

The new CADEX R3-C40 aero rear hubs are precision machined to reduce aerodynamic loss and claim to virtually eliminate bearing load.

CADEX 50 Ultra spoke hub detail

The 40-tooth engagement is an upgrade from the 20-tooth R1-C30 and slightly less than the all-road/gravel AR wheelset CADEX R2-C60 at 60-tooth. Like all CADEX wheels, the new R3-C40 hubs are nice and loud, but you can always soft pedal for a sneak attack.

CADEX 50 Ultra hub cassette logo

CADEX Super Aero Carbon Spoke

CADEX is no stranger to carbon spokes; most of its wheel line employs them, but its new Super Aero Carbon Spoke is wide, stiff, and aesthetically striking.

CADEX 50 Ultra front hub

The aero carbon spoke is not only ultra-lightweight but boasts a high tensile strength making it a perfect counterpart for the 50 Ultra rim. The carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing. They feature a purpose-designed aero shape offering class-leading aerodynamic characteristics and superior stability in shifting winds.

CADEX 50 Ultra gravel setup

CADEX 50 Ultra wheelset specs:

  • Rim Height: 50mm
  • Rim Outer Width: 30mm/Rim Inner Width: 22.4mm
  • Front Hub: CADEX R3-C Aero Hub, Centerlock
  • Rear Hub: Low Friction CADEX R3-C40 Aero Hub, 40T Ratchet Driver, Centerlock
  • Axle Spacing: 12x100mm Thru (Front), 12×142 Thru (Rear)
  • Spokes: Super Aero Carbon Spokes (Front & Rear)
  • Lacing: DBL, 21H (Front), DBL,24H (Rear)
  • Recommended Tire Width: 700 x 25c –700 x 32c
  • Weight: 1382 * actual

CADEX Aero Tubeless Tire

CADEX pairs the 50 Ultra Disc with a new Aero Tubeless Tire to create an ultra-performance system.

The new CADEX Aero Tubeless Tire is built for speed but keeps a foot in the practical. The tire employs a state-of-the-art RR-A Compound silica-based tire compound. RR-A has decreased rolling resistance by 15% and boasts a confident grip when cornering, especially in wet conditions.

CADEX 50 Ultra Aero Tire

You can’t be fast with a flat tire, so the new Aero Tubeless Tire uses CADEX Race Shield Puncture Protection with an exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar® material incorporated into the casing.

CADEX 50 Ultra Aero Tire weight

On top of the Kevlar is CADEX Supple Race Casing, consisting of single-layer Supple Race Casing (SRC), similar to the CADEX road tires. This race-specific casing delivers an incredibly supple and comfortable ride with superior rolling efficiency at a super low weight.

CADEX 50 Ultra tire logos

An all-new CADEX Micro File Tread sits on the tire shoulder, providing a cornering grip and confidence-inspiring water shedding in wet conditions.

Another first for CADEX is the all-new Aero optimized profile, a new take on using the tire and rim interface to craft a more aerodynamic shape. CADEX uses taller sidewalls to create a more oval tire shape to integrate seamlessly with hookless CADEX rims. The tires aren’t only for the CADEX brand either; these tires can make many commercially available wheels faster and more efficient in the wind.

CADEX 50 Ultra full on

CADEX Aero Tubeless Tire specs:

  • Size:700x25c
  • Max Pressure: 115 PSI / 7.9 BAR/Min Pressure: 70 PSI / 4.8 BAR
  • Casing: 170 TPI Supple Race Casing (SRC)
  • Compound: RR-A Low-Rolling Resistance Compound
  • Puncture Protection: Race Shield
  • Weight: 267* actual

CADEX 50 Ultra bike front wheel

Pricing and availably

The CADEX 50 Ultra wheels and Aero Tire will be available in late September from CADEX and Giant Bicycle dealers.

  • CADEX 50 Ultra front $1500
  • CADEX 50 Ultra rear $2000
  • CADEX 50 Ultra pair $3500
  • CADEX Aero tire $100
  • CADEX 50 Ultra front £1149.99
  • CADEX 50 Ultra rear £ 1499.99
  • CADEX 50 Ultra pair £2649.98
  • CADEX Aero tire £64.99
  • CADEX Aero Pair £129.98

For more information, go to: Cadex-cycling.com

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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
1 year ago

Lol that’s good used 650cc naked bike money. For a set of Giant house brand wheels in 2022.

Jake Carlin
Jake Carlin
1 year ago

now with 100% more logos

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