Has it been 15 years since the original Cane Creek Double Barrel already? It’s hard to believe that the twin-tube tech has been kicking around since 2005, but here we are. And to celebrate, Cane Creek just unveiled a special edition just for the occasion.

Limited Edition DB Heritage coil shock

Called the DB Heritage, this is an updated version of the DB perfectly fit for modern bikes but still equipped with Twin Tube independent compression and rebound damping circuits. The four way adjustments include both high and low speed for rebound and compression.

Limited Edition DB Heritage shock adjusters

Limited Edition DB Heritage profile shot

What’s new silver and gold treatment, along with some special graphics. As usual, this limited edition will be released in very limited quantities and will sell for $650. Shocks will be offered in 200 x 57, 210 x 55, 216 x 63, and 230 x 65 lengths. Additionally, the 200 x 57mm shocks can be stroke reduced to a 200 x 50mm shock size, and the 210 x 55mm shocks can be stroke reduced to a 210 x 52.5mm and 210 x 50mm shock size.


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1 year ago

That “heritage” is years of unreliable products. Maybe newer Cane Creek shocks hold up better, but I don’t want to be the guinea pig to verify that.