Carmageddon Challenge: Flight Vs. Bike

I’m not sure how much Carmageddon has made the news across the country up until now… being in the thick of it, it’s all I’ve heard about for weeks. JetBlue made some of that news by offering $4 flights from Burbank to Long Beach (basically flying 35-40 miles over the expected worst traffic areas)., and the cycling community responded with a challenge…

Wanna race?

The Wolfpack Hustle is sending sent their “Wolfpack A” elite team to take on a JetBlue flight this evening as we speak. See all the details on the race, and how to follow it live here.

Edit: I had assumed the race was taking place in the evening, since the weekly Wolfpack Hustle ride is a late nighter. Guess I missed all the information telling me the race was already going when I posted this… my bad.

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11 years ago

Not sure what time zone you are in, but the race started at 10:50am California time today. The bicyclists have the early lead. Probably finish in another hour or so.