Carry everything in the Kitchen Sink Handlebar Bag for the Redshift Loop bar

We’ve all been there: You’re riding along and enjoying yourself when you realize you want a snack — but you don’t want to stop.

That’s the idea behind the new Kitchen Sink bike bag from Redshift Sports. Or at least we assume that’s part of the goal, given the Nut Butter Bar sitting prominently on top of the bag in product photos.

Redshift’s Kitchen Sink bag fits snugly between the loop on the company’s Kitchen sink bar. It’s adjustable, with a bottom that unzips to expand by almost 50 percent, providing room for extra snacks or whatever “junk” you want to bring along.

We wrote about the Kitchen sink bar back in 2019. Redshift’s gravel-specific handlebar offers multiple hand positions and comes in two versions — one with an integrated aero loop, and the other without it. Available in 44, 47, 50 and 53 widths measured at the hoods, the bars feature a 25° flare, 70mm reach, 110mm drop, 12° sweep, and 20mm rise.

junk drawer bag

The Kitchen Sink bike bag with computer mount. Photos c. Redshift Sports

Installing the Kitchen Sink

Anyone who has used bike bags, especially ones attached to handlebars, might expect rattling or shaking. But Redshift designed the Kitchen Sink bag to avoid that problem.

“We wanted to make something that was tidy and almost hidden,” Redshift spokesperson Greg Hillson said. “It’s not an overnight bag, so we look at this more as a day-to-day tool.”

In its native configuration, the bag holds .77 liters of whatever you want to throw in it. By expanding the bottom, it opens up to 1 liter.

“Aesthetically it looks a little better compressed also,” Hillson said. “If you want to bring a windbreaker or some additional Clif bars in there, it gives you extra room.”

The Kitchen Sink bag is meant for day-to-day use more than anything. Lots of people just want a space to put a phone, a tube and a snack. Expand the pocket, and riders can throw in a C02 canister and maybe a jacket as well.

With magnetic seals on the bag, it’s also easy enough to reach into the Kitchen Sink without ever slowing down, Hillson said.

junk drawer bag

An alternate view of the bag and computer mount.

Go All In With Redshift Computer Mount

If you already have the Kitchen Sink — or you’re thinking about it — then Redshift hopes you’ll get the latest add-ons. That includes not only the Kitchen Sink, but a nifty computer mount that pairs with the bike bag.

The mount will work just fine with both Garmin and Wahoo products, Redshift said.

“The mounting system is proprietary to the bar but can be used with many computers,” Hillson said.

junk drawer 2

A side view of the Kitchen Sink bag

Bag Comparison

Bikers looking to add storage to their rig have plenty of options. In recent months, both State Bicycles and Chrome Industries have released new lines of bike bags.

But these bags have been designed primarily for off-bike access, with zippers and Velcro to keep items secure while riding. The Kitchen Sink bag, on the other hand, offers immediate access while still pedaling along.

It’s easy to imagine grabbing a granola bar from this little rucksack and chowing down without losing momentum from a short stop.

junk drawer 1

Pricing & Availability

The Kitchen Sink bag and computer mount from Redshift Sports official launch on Sept. 20, and will be immediately available to ship.

The bike bag retails for $60 and the mount sells for $25.


  • .77 liters compressed and 1 liter in expanded format

  • Magnetic closure – easily access food, phone and tools.

  • Fits 17 granola bars OR 20 gels and 2 bars OR 1 vest, multi-tool, tube, CO2+inflator and Clif Bar

  • 120 grams. Mount 21 grams

  • YKK waterproof zippers, Cordura material

  • Retail Price of $59.99, optional Mount for Garmin or Wahoo is $19.99

  • lifetime warranty

  • Optional computer mount/GoPro mount

  • Fits all Redshift Kitchen Sink bars with loop

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5 days ago

I understand that this provides more choices, but wasn’t the idea of the loop a place to hold onto and if you fill it with a bag and other paraphernal negate the original purpose? BTW, I think it’s well integrated.

Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres
4 days ago

Why not just use a normal handlebar bag and bars? This defeats the purpose of having the loop… I think I’m just going to give up on bikes all together.

1 day ago

Who cares about the handlebar bag … I wanna know where you got the discontinued tart cherry nut butter bar — those were great!