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Cascade Components links for Sentinel and Heckler eMTB increase travel, progression

cascade components v2 sentinel link
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Cascade Components, developers of aftermarket links for full suspension mountain bikes, have today released new links for the Transition Sentinel V2 and the Santa Cruz Heckler eMTB. Not only do they ramp up progression, they also bump up the rear wheel travel significantly. Let’s dig into the numbers.

Cascade Components Santa Cruz Heckler Link

cascade components santa cruz heckler link
All Cascade Components links are CNC machined from 6061-T6 in the USA

As with their other Santa Cruz links, the new Cascade Components link for the Heckler eMTB increases its travel, progression, and chainstay length. Progression increases to 35% from 27%.

santa cruz heckler stock link versus cascade components link leverage ratio curve progression

Meanwhile, the Heckler’s travel increases by 8mm to 158mm. However, it should be noted that for the Heckler MX mullet build, the Cascade link actually reduces the frame travel to 148mm. Chainstay length increases by 5mm to 450mm, said to be not especially noticeable on the trail.

Here’s Cascade Components’ justification for developing the Heckler aftermarket link:

“The added weight can make an ebike bike prone to diving deeper into its travel than desired. The increased ramp up/mid-stroke support helps keep it up in its travel, especially when things get chunky. Small bump sensitivity is increased as well, however with the amount of weight that’s behind the bike this link is more about keeping it composed.”

Cascade Components Transition Sentinel V2 Link

tranbsition sentinel v2 with cascade components aftermarket link installed silver
The link for the Sentinel V2 comes with sealed Enduro Max bearings with stainless steel spiral retaining rings on each

The stock link on the Transition Sentinel gives its 150mm of rear wheel travel a leverage curve with 24% progression. The new Cascade Components link for it pushes the bike’s kinematics “letting it go pound for pound with some of the burliest enduro machines out there“.

cascade components link leverage ratio transition sentinal v2 versus original link

Not only does it increase the progression to 30%, it also bumps the travel up 15mm to 165mm. And, it does this without affecting the bike’s geometry. So, Sentinel owners, your travel options are now 150mm with the original link and shock, 165 mm with a 205mm x 62.5mm shock or 155mm with a 205mm x 57.5mm shock. At 30% progression, Cascade say this link works well with both large volume air shocks like the X2 and coils.

transition sentinel v2 aftermarket link cascade components available black silver purple
Pick up the new Sentinel V2 link from Cascade Components in black, silver or purple colorways

Here’s what Cascade Components say it means for the bike’s new ride feel:

“The biggest change is the bike’s ability to plow and maintain traction when things start getting wild. Because of the increased progression, there is also an increase in pop. This is due to the ramp up increasing mid-stroke support, which provides a better platform to push against going up the lip of a jump or railing a berm. As for pedaling, there is no discernable change.”

Pricing & Availability

Pick up the Cascade Components link for the V2 Sentinel for $337 in silver, black or purple. The Heckler’s aftermarket link comes in at $331 and is available in black only.


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2 years ago

Brilliant upgrade and looks flashy.

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