Review: The 2020 Rocky Mountain Slayer hits the trails

Earlier this summer, I got to join Rocky Mountain for the 2020 Slayer launch in North Vancouver. At the launch we got a taste...
VanDOit factory tour shows how they convert ford transit passenger vans into custom camper vans

Factory Tour: How VanDOit turns Ford Transits into adventure-ready custom camper vans!

VanDOit has come on the #vanlife scene hard and fast over the past couple years, offering a modular custom camper van built on the...

Top 19 stories of 2019: Our most popular posts about XC, Gravel, Vans, Tires...

It's New Year's Eve already? Seems like that's the thought every year right around this time - which probably means that you've had a...

Bikerumor Editor’s Choice Awards 2019 – Steve’s picks

Wow, having the year 2020 on the horizon is almost as cool as that time we actually got to party like its 1999 (for...

Chris King buzzes into Micro Spline driveshell production for new hubs & conversion kits

For fans of Chris King and the latest Shimano mountain bike components, it's almost time to celebrate. Why? Because today, Chris King officially announced...

2020 Predictions: Everything else will change, too.

Nothing stays the same, as they say. But it seems like the cycling world is in a constant state of change. We shared our...
what is it like to race against a pro mountain biker

How long can we keep up with… Pivot singlespeed pro Gordon “Quadsworth”?

Ever wonder what it's like to race against the pros? We did, and for our second installment of Bikerumor's Keeping up with... series, Tyler faces...
wattbike atom review

Review: Watts rides the Wattbike Atom indoor cycling trainer

Like most of you, I've watched the phenomenon of the committed indoor-bike with more than a little head-scratching. They're everywhere. In Hulu commercials. Sponsored Facebook...
best new mountain bikes and components coming in 2020

2020 Predictions: What’s coming for mountain bikes?

Just like on the road, plenty of next generation prototypes are revealed at the pro mountain bike races. Pro's testing new frames, new suspension,...



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