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COBI Smart Connected Bike System makes its way to b8ta stores and your handlebars

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If the idea of a ‘smart bike’ is appealing, but you don’t want to shell out for a complete new ride, the team at COBI have an interesting solution. One of Kickstarter’s success stories from the bicycle technology space, COBI first popped up on our radar in late 2014. Since then, the design has been refined to the point that it was ready for launch in the U.S. this past summer.

We got a closer look at the finished product at Interbike, but if you want to see it for yourself, it will be hitting stores on the west coast very soon…


cobi-e-bike-light-head-unit-controller-interbike-2016-501 cobi-e-bike-light-head-unit-controller-interbike-2016-495


After bolting to your handlebars (22.2-31.8mm, stems of 54mm max width, 60mm max height), COBI combines a smart phone mount, head light and tail light system, and a remote to control the features built into the system. When used with one of their purpose built phone cases, the system will recharge your phone as you ride along. Standard bikes will take advantage of the removable battery pack to extend phone life and power the lights, while e-bikes and those equipped with dynamo hubs can plug directly into the head unit to take advantage of the extra juice. To discourage theft, the system will only work with your phone so if it’s stolen it won’t be able to be reset by the thieves.

Once connected, COBI does everything you would expect from a smart bike including turn by turn navigation which even adds Ride Weather – what the weather will be like at different parts of your ride. Of course the head unit provides all the typical ride metrics along with music control, fitness tracking, and taking phone calls without removing your hands from the bar and using the speakerphone. Other features include an electronic bell, a smart alarm system, and e-bike control. COBI can be connected to other devices and sensors through ANT+ and Bluetooth and includes a barometer and accelerometer built in .


Both the integrated front and add on rear light offer auto control with the rear adding a brake light function which takes advantage of the built in accelerometer. The StVZO approved AmbiSense headlight can be auto controlled, or manually controlled to offer daytime running lights, low beam, or high beam power. COBI is even working on a firmware update that will turn the separated sections of the light into turn signals based on your turn by turn navigation or possibly through the remote switch.


While COBI offers sleek cases for phones like the iPhone 6 and 6s, if you have a different phone, or a case that you would prefer, there is a universal mount that will work with a lot of different options. I say a lot because it didn’t work with my 6s in a Lifeproof Fre Power battery case, but it should work with a number of cases and phones.

Available through direct sales or dealers, COBI announced this week that it would soon be available through the three b8ta store locations. Located in Palo Alto, Santa Monica, and soon to be Seattle, b8ta is a concept store that focuses on new technologies where consumers can physically see and touch products like COBI. Pricing is said to run $249 for COBI Sport without a headlight, $299 for COBI with the headlight, and $339 for COBI Plus which includes the rear light as well. Available now.


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7 years ago

looks Exactly like the supernova M99.

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