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Crankbrothers Aims to Save Our Shred With New S.O.S. On-Bike Tools

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, Danny Mac with BC18 tool kit
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Today Crankbrothers announces their new S.O.S. tool range, which includes five different on-bike tools and/or storage devices. S.O.S. stands for Save Our Shred, and the lineup covers everything from deluxe tool kits to basic bottle cage or tube carriers with built-in tire levers and tubeless plug kits.

All S.O.S. tools have two mounting slots on each end (except the Twin Tube Tool Kit, which has three) so there’s room to adjust their positions fore and aft. I weighed every tool with all provided spacers and mounting bolts. Every kit came in a few grams above Crankbrothers’ claims.

C02 Chain Breaker and S.O.S. Multi-Tools:

Crankbrothers SOS Tools, chainbreaker with lever and clip

I must say I was impressed with how Crankbrothers jammed so many functions into these compact kits. The multi-tool is one thing, but the C02 Chain Breaker’s inflator head/chain tool/spoke wrench/valve core remover functions are really nifty. As you might expect, the inflator head works for Presta valves only.

For extra leverage while using the chain breaker, spoke wrenches, or valve core remover, you can attach a tire lever to the end of the C02 Chain Breaker. And yes, this works with the narrower lever found on the TS17 Twin Tube Tool Kit as well. The plastic attachment clips and storage buttons slip onto either end of the tool or inflator head.

Crankbrothers SOS multi tools
On the left is the 17-function multi-tool, and on the right is the 18-function tool.

Please note there are two different multi-tools in this lineup. The tool in the Twin Tube kit has one less function than the tool found in the Bottle Cage and Tube Stash kits.

The 17-function multi-tool includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen keys, a t25 Torx, a flathead screwdriver, a tire plug tool with 2 plugs, a tire lever, a chain tool, a valve core tool, C02 inflator head, plus 0,1 and 2 spoke wrenches.

The 18-function multi-tool includes everything listed above (except the tire plug tools, which are attached to the tire levers in these kits) plus a t10 Torx. Both multi-tools also have magnetic spots on the sides to hold a chain quick-link (compatible with 10-12 speed links).

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, T-handle

The multi-tool is long enough (especially with the inflator head attached) that it makes a nice T-handle while you’re using the bits. The multi-tool can also be used as an in-line screwdriver or in a typical L-key configuration. If you need more leverage, the alloy tool tube found on the Bottle Cage Tool Kit or Tube Stash Tool Kit can be slipped over the multi-tool.

Both water bottle cage tools feature reversible cages so you can choose between left or right hand access. Every tool in the new S.O.S. range is covered by a five year warranty.

BC18 Bottle Cage Tool Kit – $99.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC18 exploded

To start things off, my favorite tool in the whole lineup is the BC18 Bottle Cage Tool Kit. What I like about this kit is how complete it is. First of all, it carries water, but also supplies a tubeless puncture repair kit plus a multi-tool. This kit truly allows you to leave your pack at home.

The Bottle Cage Tool Kit includes the 18-function multi-tool, a bottle cage, a C02 or pump holder (holds 16/20/25g canisters or Crankbrothers’ Klic HV pump), plus a tire lever with a plug tool and four plugs. This kit comes with two spacers in case you need to raise it to fit your frame. Crankbrothers kept the kit as narrow as possible so it shouldn’t interfere with pedaling.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC18 on Knolly

Something to note is with the tire lever and cage assembly, your water bottle will sit 10-12mm above your frame (with no spacers). Make sure you have a bit more clearance than usual when considering fitment to your bike.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC18 on scale

Crankbrothers claims the Bottle Cage Tool Kit’s weight at 247g, but my scale showed it at 257g with the additional spacers.

TS18 Tube Stash Tool Kit – $89.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TS18 exploded

The Tube Stash Tool Kit includes an 18-function multi-tool, a hook-and-loop strap to hold a spare tube or other cargo, a C02 or pump holder (holds 16/20/25g canisters or Crankbrothers Klic HV pump), and a tire lever with a tire plug tool and four plugs. This kit also comes with two spacers to ensure ample frame clearance.  

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TS18 vertical

This kit is pretty complete, but for one thing – water. And if you’re wondering, a standard water bottle will not fit into the cargo strap.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TS18 on scale

The Tube Stash Tool Kit’s weight is claimed at 229g, but my scale shows 244g with the additional spacers.

TT17 Twin Tube Tool Kit – $119.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TT17 exploded

The Twin Tube Tool Kit includes a 17-function multi-tool, a storage tube, a tire lever, and two plugs hidden inside the plastic storage tube cap. If you remove the inner plastic storage tube, the tool’s tube can fit 16g or 20g C02 canisters. The cap of the plastic tube fits over the threads on the canister and holds it securely inside the tool’s tube.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TT17 on scale

The weight for the Twin Tube Tool Kit is claimed at 247g, while my scale shows it at 257g.

BC2 Bottle Cage + – $39.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC2

The BC2 Bottle Cage + is a simpler tool, carrying a water bottle plus a tire lever and a tire plug tool with two plugs. Of course to fix a tubeless puncture on the trailside, you’ll also need to carry a pump or inflator/C02 cartridge at the least. To replace a tube you’ll need to carry a spare tube or patch kit and a pump or C02 kit.

The BC2 Bottle Cage can be upgraded. The Bottle Cage Add-On Tool Kit turns the BC2 into a BC18 Bottle Cage Tool Kit. MSRP for the add-on kit is $69.99, and its weight is listed at 190g.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC2 on scale

The weight for the BC2 Bottle Cage is claimed at 73g, but my scale shows 80g.

TS2 Tube Stash + – $29.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TS2

The TS2 Tube Stash + carries a tube or other gear in a hook-and-loop strap and includes a tire lever and tire plug tool with two plugs. Again, to fix a tubed or tubeless puncture you will need to carry a pump or C02 inflator kit elsewhere on your bike or body. Also, a second tire lever wouldn’t be the worst idea for tight-fitting treads.

Like the BC2 above, the TS2 Tube Stash has an upgrade option. The Tube Stash Add-On Tool Kit turns the TS2 into a TS18 Tube Stash Tool Kit. MSRP is $69.99 for the add-on, and its weight is listed at 179g.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, TS2 on scale

The TS2 Tube Stash +’s weight is listed at 53g, and my scale shows it at 61g.

Tire Lever and Plug Tool Kit – $14.99

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, tire lever and plug kit

Finally, Crankbrothers offers their tire lever with the included plug tool and 2 plugs on its own. Weight is listed at 27g.

Crankbrothers S.O.S. tools, BC18 on bike
All studio and lifestyle photos c. Crankbrothers

All of the new S.O.S. tools are now available online and at Crankbrothers retailers. Crankbrothers kindly set me up with all the above tools, so watch out for a review article later this summer.


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Lukas Oehms
Lukas Oehms
19 days ago

What I would honestly much prefer is a bottle cage that puts the bottle as close to the frame as possible while still offering a clip in space for the pump. Although I am primarily thinking about maximizing space in my s-size gravelbike for bikepacking.

13 days ago

Lol, photos with a e-bike… At that weight you’d need the extra watts!

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