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Crankworx Whistler 2023: Topeak’s Latest Bar End Tools, a Crank Spindle Multi-Tool & More

Topeak Plug N' Tool Mountain
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If you hate riding with a backpack, Topeak has some nifty new offerings for you. The brand has hopped on board with on-bike tools, creating three new bar end-mounted tools and a crank spindle chain repair/multi-tool. They also had a new complete plug/multi-tool kit that mounts to your bike and a basic tire plug tool that can inflate a tire while you’re plugging it (if combined with an inflator head).

Plug N’ Tool Mountain- $69.95

Topeak Plug N' Tool Mountain

The Plug N’ Tool Mountain is a two-piece kit that includes a tire plugging tool for one side of your handlebars and a multi-tool for the other side. The plug tool includes a 3.5mm insertion tool and three tire plugs. The multi-tool offers seven tool bits; 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10mm Allen keys, plus a #2 Phillips and T25 Torx bits. The multi-tool’s pivoting head allows for good leverage, and the outside of the head itself acts as the 10mm Allen key. Both tools feature ring-pull knobs for quick and easy removal/reinstallation.

Made from hardened steel and engineering-grade polymer, the Plug N’ Tool Mountain kit weighs 101.5g. The kit should fit any handlebars with inside diameters between 18-21.2mm, and with a minimum of 128mm of straight bar length to accommodate the tools.

Topeak Plug N' Chain Tool

Topeak also sells a Plug N’ Tool Mountain Pro, which is a three-piece set that includes the above two tools, plus the bar-mounted Plug N’ Chain Tool pictured above. The chain tool includes a chain hook and weighs 52g. It is compatible with chains up to 13 speed, including SRAM flat top and Campagnolo hollow-pin chains.

The Plug N’ Tool Mountain Pro kit sells for $99.95. The Plug N’ Chain Tool is also available on its own for $47.95, but to operate it you’ll have to have a 4mm Allen key or multi-tool with you. The chain tool requires a minimum of 105mm of straight handlebar length.

Of course, it is a bit odd to offer three handlebar tools in one kit, when you can only carry two at a time…

BB Hide N’ Tool – $69.95

Topeak BB Hide N' Tool

Conveniently hiding a multi-tool and chain breaker in your crank spindle, the BB Hide N’ Tool allows for trailside chain repairs, and its mini multi-tool provides seven functions. The multi-tool includes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8mm Allen keys, a T25 Torx bit, and a flathead screwdriver bit. The chain tool is compatible with chains up to 13 speeds, and a chain hook is included to make repairs easier. The BB tool uses a ring-pull knob for easy access and installation.  

The BB Hide N’ Tool is made of steel, aluminum, and polymer, and it weighs 82g. It fits hollow crank spindles with at least 124mm of length and with inside diameters between 19-25mm. Topeak lists compatibility with SRAM DUB cranks, Shimano GRX, Deore, SLX, XT, and FSA hollow spindle cranks. In our experience, it does not seem to work with aluminum SRAM Transmission cranks with DUB spindles though, so it’s recommended you measure your spindle before purchasing.

Tubicartridge MT25 – $29.95

Topeak Tubicartridge MT25 w inflator and C02

If you’re just looking for a tire plug tool, the Tubicartridge MT25 has you covered with a plug insertion tool and five spare plugs. However, if you add a Nano Airbooster inflator head and a C02 canister (both sold separately), the combo has a cool trick to offer; Thanks to a small hole at the end of the insertion tool, you can inflate a tire while installing a plug. Please note the above photo shows the Nano Airbooster and a C02 canister attached to the tire plug tool. The Tubicartridge MT25 measures 4.1” long and weighs 54g.

Tubimaster MXT- $114.95

Topeak Tubimaster MXT

The Tubimaster MXT is a frame-mounted kit that includes a Mini 9 Pro multi-tool, a 25g C02 canister, a Nano Airbooster inflator tool, a Tubicartridge MT25 tire plug tool, a small knife for trimming tire plugs, and the mount to carry it all. The Mini 9 Pro multi-tool includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5mm Allen keys, A T25 Torx bit, a #2 Phillips screwdriver, and tire levers. A grippy strap mounts the kit to your frame or seat post, and the whole kit weighs 335g.


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