Cratoni makes it easier to stay safer with separate new C-Safe crash sensor that can upgrade any helmet, even swap back and forth whatever & wherever you ride. Their new smart Madroc Pro convertible full face helmet also delivers the rare combination of lightweight, crash safety & mobile connectivity. Plus, more affordable updates for urban commuter and kids head protection…

Cratoni C-Safe, add-on crash sensor upgrades the safety of any helmet

Cratoni C-Safe crash sensor, add-on impact detection safety upgrade for any helmet, strap=on

Integrated Crash sensors are nothing new in bike helmets. We’ve seen them integrated with tech like Specialized’s ANGi for years, and the separate but bulky IceDot has been a helmet solution concept for almost a decade now. But the technology for crash detection, GPS location, and communication to an emergency contact has remained either big or expensive (sometimes both.)

Now, Cratoni’s new standalone C-Safe crash sensor hopes to make connected incident detection cheaper and more user-friendly. The simple gadget is only a bit over 2cm square and can attach directly to your helmet’s straps.

Cratoni C-Safe crash sensor, add-on impact detection safety upgrade for any helmet, what's in teh box?

Clip it onto your XC helmet for crash detection while riding trails, then clip it to your enduro helmet straps to protect you riding in the bikepark. You can even attach it to a ski helmet for winter crash detection, too. One little C-Safe can give all of your helmets extra incident detection security, and you use the same iOS or Android app to manage it all.

When you crash, the app will start a countdown timer, and then send a text with your location to up to three emergency contacts from your phone if you are unable to cancel it.

Cratoni C-Safe crash sensor, add-on impact detection safety upgrade for any helmet, on Allset Pro

The easiest way to move from one helmet to another is the integrated strap mount that fits standard straps 0.7-1.1mm thick (like on Cratoni’s 300g 120€ Allset Pro MTB helmet above). The tiny helmet keychain in the upper photo is the tool to open the clip. Or use the included high-strength double-sided adhesive to stick it to a helmet more permanently.

Cratoni’s C-Safe crash sensor sells for just 50€ and promises 6 months of impact detection & communication from a standard CR2032 button cell battery via BLE. The C-Safe will be available from Cratoni retailers within the next two  months, before the end of 2021.

Madroc Pro smart convertible full face MTB helmet

Madroc Pro smart convertible full face MTB helmet

For a more complete solution, Cratoni is updating their convertible Maniac full-face helmet with an all-new, even better smart Madroc Pro all-mountain to enduro lid.

From the outside, you get a lightweight modern enduro helmet that is certified to DH/bikepark standards and an all-plastic quick-release chin bar.

Madroc Pro smart convertible full face MTB helmet, integrated electronics

Then on the inside, there’s a ‘tech box’ at the front of the forehead that packs in all the helmet’s smart electronics. You get a microphone & speakers, crash sensor, and a USB-rechargeable battery for up to 15hr runtime per charge.

With the built-in electro gadgets, the Madroc Pro helmet offers hands-free phone operation, the ability to listen to music as you ride, and direct walkie-talkie style communication over Bluetooth up to 500m away with another similarly equipped helmet (all paired to the smartphone in your pack.)

Madroc Pro smart convertible full face MTB helmet, DH-rated removable chin bar

The smart Madroc Pro also gets full open ventilation, and a specific quick release camera port on top, so you can easily attach/remove a GoPro or helmet light for night riding. The helmet features removable/washable padding, adjustable dial retention at the rear, and push-button release chin bar.

The Madroc Pro is EN1078/CPSC certified without the chin bar, ASTM-certified with the chin bar installed (all with the Tech Box in place.)

Madroc Pro smart convertible full face MTB helmet, colors

The convertible smart Cratoni Madroc Pro full face helmet sells for 400€ and comes in two sizes (SM 54-58cm & ML 58-61cm). At a claimed 680g, the lightweight helmet is available now from dealers in all matte black or matte petrol blue with orange details.

C-Loom 2.0 urban city bike helmet & more…

C-Loom 2.0 urban city bike helmet

On the urban side of head protection, Cratoni has an updated C-Loom 2.0 city bike helmet, that at 130€ now includes a large integrated, rechargeable rear LED taillight. The new 350g  C-Loom also gets a new removable front visor & upgraded ventilation. There’s also a new 70€ C-Mate which is essentially an ABS hardshell, skate-style helmet updated with dial retention, a tiny rear blinkie, and removable micro visor for more comfortable commuter use.

Kids get a 55€ scaled-down version called the C-Mate Jr with all the same features. Plus, there’s now a smaller 100€ Allset Pro Jr, a scaled-down version of the red adult’s (at top) mountain bike helmet.


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Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton
8 months ago

That crash sensor looks like a cockroach bait!