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Cult: Let ’em Talk DVD Review

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The Cult DVD comes with a magazine detailing the riding and good times along the way
The Cult DVD comes with a magazine detailing the riding and good times along the way

Let ’em Talk is the Cult brand’s debut title, carrying a team that are no stranger to consistantly knocking out ground breaking video parts. The Cult team is made up of riders like Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche and Chase Dehart, so the title was never going to punch below its weight. It’s no surprise that the video kicks off with a jawdropper with that kind of talent on board. Ryan Navazio’s trained camera handles the filming.

See the trailer after the break, as well as a few words on the title.

CULTCREW/ hawk01 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Cult’s first production comes in at around 24 minutes long, though those are 24 value-for-money minutes packed with jawdroppers. The package also comes with a 40 page magazine laid out by Adam Roye. You’ll also get a ‘Let ’em Talk’ sticker, not that you’ll forget the title of this media any time soon.

First off, none of the riders, team manager Robbie Morales aside, ride brakes so everything is done at full throtal throughout. The music often is often fast paced as a result, with the majority of the DVD’s sections set to a hip hop soundtrack.

Set largely on the streets, you’ll see a different side of Chase Hawk entirely. If you thought he was an animal on the dirt, he’s among the top of the food chain with a set of pegs on and a rail to grind. He’s first up on the DVD too, after a brief, crash-filled introduction.You’ll see signature Hawk style in his part, but more flat ground and worn in concrete as opposed to dirt. Brief skatepark clips are included and as usual the minimum height Hawk is willing to air is around 10 foot up – not something many riders manage, especially while stretching no handers and doing huge spins. The majority, though, is technical peg and manual lines, as well as the longest spine tyre slide you’ll ever see.

Dakota’s section was always going to be the one to watch. Roche can hop on par with Brad Sims, or the recently featured Ty Morrow. Several notable things stick out with Dak’s section. First off, Roche grinds impossibly rough ledges on the front peg like he’s sliding steel railings. It’s also tough to beat Dak for energy. Consistently every grind is precision nailed, every spin is as tidy and stylish as they come, there’s literally no half measures in any clip shot for the video.

Dak’s is followed up by Chase Dehart, another rider who’s style influences BMX riders from all over. The best word to describe Dehart is fast, rediculously fast given that he’s hugely technical. If you can keep up, there’s some real gems in this section, inluding one manual to over pedal 180 that is a real banger.

The rest of the crew have put in just as much hard work and as many tough slams to do Morales proud. Go buy it, you won’t regret it.

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