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CushCore Trail Tire Inserts Reduce Weight of Rim Protection & Ride Comfort

cushcore trail tire insert lighter weight option 22mm 35mm internal rim widths
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CushCore has expanded its offering of tire inserts with a new lightweight Trail version, reducing the weight penalty associated with this vibration-damping, rim-protecting upgrade.

Much like the Pro Version we reviewed here, the new CushCore Trail is intended for use with internal rim widths of 22mm up to 35mm, and tire widths of 2.1″ to 2.6″. However, it slots into the range between the XC and Pro versions, at a claimed weight of 212g in 29″. The extra channels cut into the sides of this closed-cell foam insert reduce its weight and improve sealant flow around the tire, improving its appeal to the more weight-conscious trail rider who wants the improved cornering support and superior comfort conferred by an insert.

cushcore trail mtb tire insert rim protection improved comfort

CushCore Trail Tire Inserts

If you’re looking to reduce vibration-induced fatigue, add impact protection to your precious rims, increase sidewall support for cornering, or indeed all of the above, then you should probably consider adding a set of tire inserts to your tubeless setup. My experience of the CushCore Pro tire inserts was largely very positive. I was particularly impressed with the enhanced grip, and reduction in fatigue felt on long, rough descents, and back when I was a lot fitter than I am now, I was more than happy to pedal the extra 514g up hill on my 27.5″ Enduro Bike.

Now, CushCore is reducing that weight penalty by a not insignificant 96 grams on a complete 29″ configuration with the addition of the CushCore Trail Tire Inserts. They are composed of the same closed-cell foam as all of the other inserts in the range, and thus do not absorb sealant, but they feature more channels around their circumference to encourage sealant flow. More channels means less material, thus reduced weight. They also have numerous “fluted” channels said to add a more progressive feel to the sidewall support felt when cornering hard.

cushcore trail tire insert testing rock slabs
Not a bad spot for tire insert testing
CushCore Tire Insert27.5″29″
Pro257g (actual)260g
CushCore Tire Insert claimed weights (unless otherwise noted)

Pricing & Availability

The new CushCore Trail tire inserts retail at $150 USD per pair, or $78 USD for a single. Both 29” and 27.5”, as well as a mixed-pair package for riders of mullet bikes, will be available come June 2023.

CushCore sell their tire-insert specific tubeless valves separately at $25 USD per pair. These were previously only available in green, but 9 more color options have now been added. The oil slick option is pricier at $30 USD per pair.

cushcore tire insert tubeless valves all colors


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