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Cycle Messenger World Championships 2009-Tokyo!

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Getting together with folks from all over the world who share the same passion is just about as good as it gets and this year our cycle-messenger friends are sharing theirs in Tokyo. The 17th annual Cycle Messenger World Championships will be held September 19-23, 26th. Here’s an excerpt from the official CMWC 2009 Tokyo website:

Cycle Messenger World Championships(CMWC) is a world championship for the bicycle messenger. Every year, bicycle messenger from all over the world will gather in a hosting country, to compete and to see who will be the strongest, smartest and fastest messenger in the world.There will be numerous competitive events being organized with in CMWC. For example, race such as “Deliverly Race” will be organized as a main core, where the competitors will simulate daily deliverly in competitive fashion.

Click on their website above to learn more about the events and venue and click ‘more’ for a friendly etiquette reminder from the folks at CMWC Tokyo:

From the CMWC 2009 Tokyo blog:

No Naked Bikes Please.

OK, different countries have different cultures,
manners and way of doing things.
Tokyo is big, but this isnt only place to see in Japan.
I am sure most of you are thinking about
traveling to othere part of Japan during your visit.
Try to make arrangements to visit, great places like
Kyoto, Nagoya, Yokohama, if you have time.
You`ll definetly get to see different shapes and colors of Japan.
And trust me, if you do visit these places.
Local kids will treat you good.
And here comes the manners and culture part.
I am sure most of you will have it boxed for traveling.
but just incase.
When transporting your bicycle on the train,
you will need to put your bicycle in a bag or box.
make sure its not visible. not naked.
Nudity in any form is prohibited
Perhaps this is outcome of popularity…
But here is a recent poster that has been posted in
some of the train station in TOKYO:


The poster saids

No sweating with naked bikes in the train,
and dont be hurting kids with it”

See you guys in Tokyo!

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