Death of the Campag triple?

With articles in CICLISMO magazine and now March’s edition of Bicycle Europe, there is rising speculation that Campagnolo may be about to phase out its production of triple chainring groupsets.

Oft-derided by serious roadies, the triple is now almost obsolete thanks to Campagnolo’s introduction of a 12-29, 11-speed cassette in its 2010 range. Coupled with a compact 50/34 chainset, the difference between the lowest gear available with a 12-29 and that available with a 53/42/30 and a traditional 13-29 cassette is very minimal (only 30cm development, for those of you versed in continental European geekery). And, at the top end of the gear range, there’s not much different either.

The compact, 11-speed option, however, offers considerable weight benefits, fewer chainline issues and decreased Q- and U-factors, leading many to question the need for the much-maligned triple.

Ever since the compact was introduced, triple sales have been falling, a trend that was only accelerated by the new 11-speed cassettes. Could there ever have been many who used the Record triple pictured above? Nevertheless, they will be missed by a few.

So, fare thee well, O Campag triple
You weren’t much loved,
But people secretly thanked you for
Helping them
Get up

Wrote a poet, somewhere, yesterday.

Thanks to the excellent Italian Cycling Journal for the info.

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