©Earl HarperWith just about every full-line bicycle brand producing fat bikes, or at least having them on their radar, it is no surprise to see that Diamondback has entered into the ever growing category. They came barreling out of the gates with 3 models fitted with 3 different tires sizes suited for their intended purpose.

Slither past the snow bank to see the new abominable, well priced fat bikes from Diamondback….

Photos courtsey of Diamondback Bicycles

We recently covered Diamondback’s sibling company Raleigh’s new fat bikes, and though under the same Accell Group umbrella, they keep the brands pretty separate through design as well as dealer outlets. Diamondback’s offerings range from the steel framed “Oso de Acero” up to the aluminum framed, Bluto suspended, “El Oso”, with the fattest of the three, the “El Oso Grande” filling in the middle. Though they come with different size tires, all three frames will accommodate up to a 5 inch wide tire.

Their flagship fat bike, the 6061-T6 Aluminum framed El Oso (above), is equipped with the 100mm Bluto solo air suspension fork and Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5″ tires mounted to 95mm rims with 55mm cutouts. The Shimano Deore / SLX drivetrain with Raceface’s Ride crankset tops off the build with a respectable retail of $2,300

Diamondback Oso Grande-Red-angle

The El Oso Grande has the largest tires of the three with the Chaoyang Cruiser 26 x 4.9″ tires. The El Oso Grande shares the El Oso’s frame but with a rigid fork and and Sram’s X5 drivetrain bringing the price down to $1,700

Diamondback Oso De Acero-White-angle

Finishing up the line is their steel framed El Oso Acero (acero is steel in Spanish). The El Oso Acero comes equipped with the narrower Chaoyang Cruiser 26 x 4.0″ tires mounted on 75mm rims. Built and priced to just simply put a grin on your face, the steel frame and Alivio drivetrain bring this little monster down to a svelte $950.



  1. Trey Richardson on

    So in my mismatch of which Dutch company owns Diamondback and Raleigh….. well they BOTH do. The Pon Group manages the brand’s European and surrounding distribution while Accell Group manages the brands in the USA and Canada. It goes into detail on their Wikipedia page on the buyout of Derby and the Raleigh company that still existed in the UK. Talk about confusing!


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