With commuting on the bike becoming more prevalent than ever, there is no rule that says you shouldn’t look good while doing it. We’ve seen a lot of stylish garments cross our desks, like this and this, so it’s only appropriate our gear follows suit. Though really nice and simple looking, Ducks in a Row’s new handle bar mountable backpack has features that confirm it was designed by someone who actually commutes by bike.

Fly past the break to see more features than meets the eye with Ducks in a Row’s swank little pack…..


A couple of ambitious ladies, Anna & Tony, worked together for a long-time professional photo bags company. They are combining that knowledge and experience with their passion for cycling to an extremely experienced manufacturer (which has been producing bags for the top brands for years) to produce their handlebar backpack.

Made of high quality vegetable-tanned leather, the bag looks simple yet elegant. Though this may not be suited for those that like their gear to resemble more of that militia or “I’m a messenger” look, it does go along the lines of someone in a more business to business-casual environment that might want to use their commuter bag as a daily carry. Ducks in a Row just launched their Kickstarter Campaign of which is off to a pretty good start.


Up front, some of the subtle features include helmet and blinky light holders.


Though not apparent, the business side of the bag keeps with the simple look without skimping on the features.

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The touch screen pocket with a headphone port is one of the handier items featured on this bag. Folks that would use this bag are likely to have an important call during the commute in. They may also want to catch a podcast, listen to their favorite tunes or NPR just as they would in their car. Or just look at a map.


The handlebar attachment is as easy as can be. You simply take the de-tensioned strap’s buckle, hook it through the loop, and cinch it down. The bag only attaches to the handlebar making it simple, but one should be aware of how it sets against the front brake so it doesn’t cause it to drag the wheel.


Jones IB15-1 08

There is also a rain cover for the bag (and matching one for your saddle) available.

Ducks in a Row Kickstarter


  1. Sam Placette on

    This actually looks really useful and well thought out. As a guy I wouldn’t want to use it though – it looks too much like a purse. I would like to see more products like this. Handlebar bags are super useful but I don’t see many out there in larger sizes suitable for commuting and adapted for modern amenities.

  2. Steve on

    Frankly, I don’t see how anyone could want to ride around with what looks like a carry-on suitcase propped up in front of their face. It seems like it would impair the rider’s vision, present a danger in the event of a crash/impact, and restrict the use of one’s handlebar for any other accessories at all (e.g. lights, camera…). Personally, I also dislike anything that encourages people to use headphones while riding, but that’s a different discussion.

  3. Dexter on

    I hope to see this idea start showing up in more styles and lower prices. As Steve mentioned above, this type of bag will monopolize valuable bar space. It does look like there is a little sleeve at the bottom of the pack’s outside (the front when strapped to the bike) onto which one can clip a light. Except I only know of rear lights built with a clip like that. I’m usually not a fan of fashionable anything for bikes (just my preference, can’t explain or defend), but despite all that pretty leather my reaction to this bag is simply, “well done.”

  4. onion on

    I just recently added a large basket to the front of a town bike. With a loaded bag in it, I really underestimated how much more difficult it becomes to steer and respond. Given the size of this bag and its mounting method, I’m pretty worried. Does it slump against your head tube, or even worse, your brake / cables? I’d be interested in trying out something similar… but without a sturdy rack to stabilize the base to the fork, this thing tilting and flopping while maneuvering could wreck some people. Rear mounted seems the way to go for me.

  5. Allegra on

    Thank the bicycle gods for a chic front bag that has style and well-thought-out practicality. Women cyclists, and anyone with a minute sense of style will be SO grateful to pedal away from the world of ugly lycra and even uglier black bike bags, as in “you can have any colour, as long as it’s black.”

    Here’s an idea: make a version that fits a Brompton with its low fitting attachment and the hordes will cycle a path to your door.


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