Last autumn we took a look at the prototype of German helmet maker Casco’s new Full Air helmet that takes aimed to see how they could boost ventilation in a helmet and ended up rethinking a bit how they draw air in and across the head. The resulting Full Air RCC helmet is now available for both road and mountain biking, so we take a closer look. Casco has also taken their best selling and affordable all around helmet and  reworked it as the Activ 2. Check out what’s new with each after the break….

Full Air RCC

casco_full-air-rcc_super-ventilated-roadmountain-bike-helmet_white-visor casco_full-air-rcc_super-ventilated-roadmountain-bike-helmet_black-visor

The helmet’s name breaks down as Full Air Road & Cross Country, and that pretty much sums it up. It is extremely well ventilated and does a pretty good crossover of disciplines depending on rider preference. The helmet actually seems a bit larger overall than most comparable helmets, which essentially comes down to a design that pulls the shell a bit outward resulting in the large open space between the bulk of the helmet and the top of your head. Looking from the front when it is worn, you can clearly see how air is free to move though the helmet unobstructed.

The best ventilated of all their helmets, Casco claims that the small removable visor even improves airflow into the front vent. But for those who prefer a less pointy look, with the visor off it still keeps some air channeling guides and mesh to keep the bees out.


It seems pretty basic, but very few helmets put as big an opening right in the front middle of a helmet. Doing this does a good job at directing air straight onto your hot forehead, but required a bit of creative structure work to maintain impact strength and a bit of reworking of interior padding. But the result is the helmet draws in a lot of air, and has plenty of space inside the shell to move it around and get it out the back.

The Full Air RCC is available now for 145€ in white/orange, black/white & black/green, and comes in just one medium size for heads 56-59cm around. The shiny black/chrome version adds 10€. Each one gets the contour line graphics which don’t stand out quite as much in person as in photos. It uses the same adjustable height + dial fit retention as their top road helmets, as well as the one hand chin strap hook-lock. It also adds Casco’s MyStyle bungee strips that both claim some aero benefit, and also let you add a bit of custom color and reflectivity to personalize the helmet.

Activ 2


The Activ line is pretty much Casco’s best selling and is serves mostly mountain bikers, daily commuters, and urban riders looking for something not to flashy or expensive to offer protection. To improve the helmet in its second generation the Activ2 adds a new two-piece in-mold shell for a bit cleaner look and more durability being tossed around in its everyday life. It also gets a mini spoiler that Casco admitted was thrown on just to make it look cool.

The Activ 2 also adds a third size that results in a better fit both for those with smaller heads. The new closer size range includes small (52-56cm), medium (56-58cm), and large (58-62cm) for a less bulky fit.

casco_activ-2_affordable-all-around-commutermountain-bike-helmet_front casco_activ-2_affordable-all-around-commutermountain-bike-helmet_inside

The Activ 2 includes a height adjustable visor, and incorporates an anti bug mesh into the 3 front vents. It again uses the same dial fit, wide height range adjustability, and one handed buckle as Casco’s top helmets. It even gets the customizable MyStyle bungees. At just 80€ the Activ 2 comes in white/red, all black, and this marine blue/white.


    • roox on

      not exactly sure why my comment was deleted. Not aloud to say if a product is ugly. Great call bike rumor.
      Eds: Opining on ugliness is fine. Vulgarity and outright meanness tend to not foster a productive discussion.

  1. Tom on

    As a confirmed Sweat Hog, this is interesting. Looking forward to a ride review. I do prefer my road helmets to be bright yellow or orange these days, though.

  2. postophetero on

    Okay I plead confused ignorance as to what purpose those bungee cords serve!? Style, brand differentiation, rain jacket storage?

    • Bob Log on

      I live here (Germany), and I’m stumped too. Rain jacket storage? Sure, das ist sinnvoll, but most riders already have a full on hiking pack on their backs already. No idea.

  3. mtb4me on

    a frikin’ aero bungee cord…? and customizable…for your pleasure…double? at least they are not going for a “weight” pitch..


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