When it comes to newer standards, once Chris King offers it, it’s pretty safe to assume it has some staying power. Threaded bottom brackets for 30mm spindles have been around for awhile, but not with a compatible fit from Chris King. That’s about to change, and it should make a lot of riders happy. Often due to their smaller diameter bearings, many threaded 30mm bottom brackets seem to suffer in the durability department. We can’t comment on the durability of the new CK Threadfit 30 units since they aren’t available yet, but if you should have a problem that 5 year warranty should help…


The Threadfit 30 BB concept is pretty simple – it allows the use of a 30mm crank spindle in a BSA threaded frame. Historically, most threaded outboard bearing bottom brackets have been sized to fit 24mm spindles, though a recent surge in 30mm spindles has caused the need for Threadfit 30 bottom brackets. Chris King’s new Threadfit 30 BBs are meant for 30mm mountain bike spindles and will work with most RaceFace Cinch and e*thirteen cranksets.


To be offered in both stainless steel (91g) and ceramic (86g) bearings, each bottom bracket includes a 5 year warranty on the assembly and bearings on defects in materials or workmanship. Pricing and availability TBA.




  1. bearcol on

    Knowing how expensive BB’s can be and how little difference there is in performance from entry level to top end really makes me appreciate my 24mm spindle cranks and shimano xt BB’s I can find for 18 bucks. The really funny thing is 24mm bb’s last longer than 30mm because the bearings are larger.

    • Veganpotter on

      The differences in drag are actually enormous, same goes for durability. The bearings for 24mm spindles also aren’t always bigger;). Also, Shimano’s highest and BBs have significantly more drag that SRAM’s cheapest outboard bearings. Just check out Friction Facts third party data

      • bearcol on

        The friction facts BB report I read contradicts what you are saying. I would post the their bb test but BR doesn’t care for links it seems. Anyone can do a quick search if they care to. After reading that report I’ll never again spend money on high end BB’s.

        You’re right in that shimano’s have more drag. Friction facts showed that robust seals and thicker grease create the lions share of drag in any BB. Robust seals and heavy grease are worth extra drag for MTB IMO. I’ve owned gsp, hope, king, raceface, fsa…… I’ll take the ones with the most seal drag and heaviest grease every time. I repack my BB’s with marine grease which adds friction for sure. That said, anyone wanting super low drag only needs to modify the seals and replace the grease with oil and you’ll have lower drag than the most expensive BB on the market regardless of diameter. 30mm does nothing to reduce drag according to friction facts.

    • Nick on

      this is highly unlikely due to the nature of this BB. the only ones available at this stage are called a “4130” from Rotor or Enduro. its basically a bb30 bearing (6806 if i remember correctly) with the outside of the bearing race machined down .5mm all the way around with a lip and this sit directly in the frame. all reports i have read on them say lifespan is pretty average.

  2. dizzy on

    I’ve had a Buzzworks version of this on one of my bike for about 15 months now and haven’t touched it since the first install. It’s been smooth for the duration as have my PF30 King BB’s. One thing to note is that on a metal bike with Di2, there’s barely enough room to sneak a wire between the 30mm BB spindle and the ID of the shell. That alone is enough of a reason so spec a T47 shell if you’re getting a metal bike and are using cranks with a 30mm spindle.

  3. Doug M. on

    T47 is a different animal; bigger shell so as to cut threads in a metal PF30 frame. This is a BSA threaded BB (i.e. the old standard we all like) for 30mm spindle cranks. Thus the tiny bearings.

  4. ss^2 on

    This is a bit misleading, as most other bottom brackets that allow 30mm spindles use the same bearing size as BB30 and PF30 systems (6806)–this is not a ‘tiny’ bearing–bearing size is not compromised due to the requirement to thread into a 24mm BB shell. In threaded systems, the bearings are placed further apart than BB30 and PF30 designs, which likely should make the bearings last longer…not shorter. The only downside is the limited space in the bottom bracket shell to fit an internal dust/dirt shield and wires/cables.

  5. SB on

    Bike Rumoer, a little research goes a long way: every “BSA 30” bottom bracket I’ve ever seen uses a 6806 bearing (or, in the case of FSA, a 6806 that’s a half millimetre narrower). They don’t wear out more rapidly because the bearings are somehow smaller (and anyway…ever torn down a DA 9k BB?!), they wear out quicker because the bearings and/or seals are garbage.

  6. Greg on

    two questions:
    What’s the OD of the bearing itself, out of the cup?
    Does this use the plastic ID “top hat” like their 24mm bottom brackets? Hope so.

  7. thedonnydino on

    T47 is alive and kicking!

    White Industries and Enduro both offering fitments.

    I have a ceramic Enduro T47 bottom bracket on my bike and it is phenomenal! Spins beautifully, and have a big, fat titanium bottom bracket junction so the bike is stiff and snappy to boot!

    Unfortunately, whilst Chris King helped develop the standard, they have restricted the availability of the bottom bracket to their cielo bikes only for now. I don’t know why, but it’s extremely frustrating, as my bike has CK everything else, with exception to the bottom bracket!


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