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EB18: Ere Research sits tension adjust, multiple fits to premium Genus saddles

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We saw Ere Research debut at Berlin’s Bike Show with a wide performance road & gravel tire range. But tires were the tip of the iceberg, and Ere promises much more. Next up, top-level light carbon saddles with innovative adjustable comfort, all in a wide range of sizes to fit most cyclists.

Ere Genus CC adjustable fit carbon racing saddle

While tires were their first product to hit the market, Ere’s founder has been designing saddles for some of the biggest brands in the industry for a long time, and again is working with ergonomic specialist Dr. Roger Minkow (of Body Geometry origins) on these latest seats. And their experience shows in Ere’s own debut saddles. The Genus is Ere’s first new saddle design, and is meant to target the large number of riders who prefer a flat-topped perch.

Together with a second curved-topped Omnia design shape, Ere hopes to make picking a performance saddle simple. Pick the shape you want – flat or curved – then the ideal length & width you need – six sizes of each will be available – then just pick a price/weight budget – each will come in three spec levels. Both shapes get an ergonomic design with a large pressure relieving cutout, and both feature Ere’s unique new Comfort Trigger which lets you adjust the saddle stiffness, even on the go.

This first model to market will be the premium Genus CC with a carbon fiber base and oval carbon rails at an approximate price of $385/330€. Next in the line will be the Genus CI at ~220€ with carbon rails and a reinforced nylon base, then the ~140€ Genus AI that swaps in a unique aluminum set of rails. Those two versions are currently in a rough prototype state (hence the teaser image at the top.)

The Ere saddles promise comfort with their adjustable shell tension, but  they also remain lightweight and clearly targeted at performance cycling. This top-level Genus CC saddle (145×240) claims a weight of just 125g, thanks in large part to the carbon rails with unique lateral Torsion Bar out back to provide support that lets the carbon shell flex along its split rear. From the rear you can get more of a sense of the Torsion Bar structure (and see above how it becomes even more critical on the alloy rail version.)

Both this flat Genus and the curved Omnia (not shown) will come in two lengths 240 or 270mm to suit rider preference, and in three widths 133, 145 & 157mm to fit a range of cyclists’ sit bones.

Looking closeup at the nose of the saddle reveals the patent pending Comfort Trigger (on this nylon shell prototype). The simple adjustable tension switch was inspired a bit by Brooks style saddles where the heavy leather top can be tensioned with a wrench. But reimagined for a lightweight saddle application, Ere essentially tightens the fit of the carbon or nylon shell onto the stiff rail base.

In doing so, at the flip of the switch a rider can adjust their riding experience without having to buy another saddle. Flip to soft mode for gravel, hard for smooth tarmac? Or Ere recommend everyday riding in the stiff setting, then flip to soft for climbing, as the softer shell will drop your sit bones a few millimeters, thus engaging a different muscle group for more power on the climbs.

The saddle each have three modes – completely open & soft to allow more flex of the shell and more comfort, middle which adds some tension to the shell, and completely locked down & stiff for a more efficient feel and stable pedaling platform. The simple alloy Comfort Trigger switch can be activated on the bike, and merely pushes between the nose of the saddle’s rail & shell to pretension the shell.

Following on the same quality setup experience they showed with their tires, Ere will ship the saddles with small accessories to prolong their life. All levels of the Ere Genus saddles will include a fitted saddle cover meant to protect them for transport – think 1990’s Selle Italia lycra covers. The idea is just to protect the saddles, mostly when they are on a roof rack on the car, or otherwise exposed to extreme weather or conditions, but not something you would ride with – think Brooks covers. Plus the saddle will come with a special cream to recondition the PU synthetic saddles themselves, keeping them looking fresher longer.

Both this flat Genus range of saddles and later the curved Omnia family will start shipping out to customers late in 2018, so you should be ready to ride next spring. And don’t worry, we’ll try one before you can buy to see how it feels on the bike, and how it stands up to our abuse.


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O. Tan
5 years ago

This looks really interesting!

5 years ago

How am I just now seeing these? I want to make a drop about a ‘dropper’ seat, but this whole concept looks really good.

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