Limar has entirely reshaped their top helmet range for 2019 with an aero focus that gives each new model the Air moniker. We saw the Air Speed get its debut for the first pro road races of the year, and then the more vented Air Pro at the start of the Giro with Astana. Now they add the more affordable mid-aero Air Master and Air Star options, plus a tease of an upcoming time trialing Air King…

Air Master semi-vented aero helmet

All of Limar’s new ‘Air Revolution’ helmets are born out of more of an R&D focus on aerodynamic optimization. But while the pros are mostly racing in helmets either focused on ventilation OR light weight OR reduced aero drag, and costing over 200€, Limar worked on bringing all-around aero performance down in price for amateurs as well.

The 150€ Air Master is a prime example of that, slotting in between the Air Pro & Air Speed for both ventilation and aero performance, yet still weighing just 240g (M). It’s 40% cheaper than the fully vented Air Pro thanks to its more conventional (yet still three-piece) polycarb in-mold shell construction.

But still a reliable enough performer that pros on their Astana and Direct Energie road teams prefer it for some races for its better ventilation.

The Air Master gets 15 vents overall, keeping the – important for aero drag – sides & top mostly closed, beyond a single top scoop vent. Retention is handled by Limar’s light AirFit  system that is both horizontally & vertically adjustable, combined with light webbing straps.

Air Star affordable semi-aero helmet

The Air Star is a more affordable option at just under 100€, making it one of the cheapest ways to get some aero optimization on your head. With 19 vents this isn’t really an aero helmet, but rather a regular vented road helmet with some aero benefits.

The three-piece in-mold shell design still gets some aero tricks from the more pricey helmets, like a closed top and slightly extended tail to cut a bit more in the air. It does share the same AirFit retention, here with a built in LED blinkie light, and still weighs just 230g (M). The Air Star will be available from mid August 2018.

Air King aero TT race helmet

The time trial specific Air King helmet was the last of the 2019 ‘Air Revolution’ helmets to be officially revealed, and with only limited tech details. The Air King features three top/front facing vents that link via three internal air channels to a single rear exhaust port in the extended tail. The helmet gets the same AirFit adjustable retention as the other top helmets, and adds an integrated shield held in place with magnets on the temple & brow. The TT helmet will come in two sizes at a claimed 340g for the smaller size M.

Interestingly enough, Limar’s latest TT helmet the Speed King had only just been updated and won’t be available again until October 2018. So without more concrete info we don’t know when to expect the new Air King, but have been told to expect it around the same 250€ price including its shield.

Air Speed aero-optimized road racing helmet

The 190€ Air Speed started road racing with Astana back in February, but now you can get one too.

Since last week the 235g (in size M) fully closed top aero road helmet has been available direct from Limar’s online shop.

Air Pro fully vented aero helmet

The 250€ full vented Air Pro which we already saw in May is built around a pair of in-molded carbon ribs that provide more structure to the helmet while allowing it to be opened up for more through ventilation than before. Beyond being ridden at the Tour de France as we type, we also spotted the Canyon Topeak mountain bike pros training with it for off-road racing. The Air Pro is rolling out right now, with the M size helmets (230g) already available, and size L available next week.

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