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Endura Ergonomistry Project results in Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort w/ new tech & fit

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When it comes to their new women’s Pro SL EGM bibshorts, Endura says they busted taboos by addressing women’s saddle discomforts in order to make the industry’s best women’s bike short ever.

Endura Women's Pro SL EGM Bibshort

Endura worked with a renowned physiotherapist and ergonomist Phil Burt. The R&D team also included a “jury” of women of differing experiences and body sizes, gynecologists, and Endura’s own designers to come up with the perfect chamois and shorts. Endura says they did not hold anything back on this project, fully believing in their goal of helping the growing number of women riders be more comfortable on longer and harder rides.

Endura Women's Pro SL EGM Bibshort chamois

Endura Women's Pro SL EGM Bibshort liquid elastomer
Before it’s applied to the pad, the medical grade elastomer is in liquid form.

The Pro SL EGM Bibshort features a women’s specific 800 Series Conform EGM Pad with medical-grade Elastomer technology that is applied with a unique CVP Liquid Elastomer process. That elastomer is combined with Endura’s Continuous Variable Profile (CVP) pads while in liquid form so that the liquid “penetrates the foam cell structure at its interface, accurately securing the gel in place and providing a smooth transition between the pad and the elastomer sections.” They also feature a high-powered lumbar support panel, and a zipper-less drop seat function.

Endura Women's Pro SL EGM Bibshort cold black

Built out of Italian Power Lycra fabric with “cold back” technology aimed at reducing heat build-up and providing UPF 50 protection these shorts are ready for both the short sweet ride and the long haul. A new bib construction featuring wide elastic straps and a high wicking front panel should help keep the rider both cool and comfortable.

The shorts are $194.99, come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and are available now in a wide variety of sizes.

First Impressions: 

Endura Women's Pro SL EGM Bibshort fit
All photos c. Endura

Pulling on the Endura Pro SL EGM bibshorts for the first time felt like finding the perfect fitting glove. Both the actual shorts and the chamois pad conformed to my body without constraining it. During my first long ride with them, I didn’t notice any discomfort in my nether regions or sit bones, the gel pad is neither too big nor too minimal. Endura seems to have “Goldiocked” this and made it be supportive in all the right areas. While I was initially wary of the high neck and cross-over straps as I am a rider who tends to overheat, I was pleasantly relieved to find that the fabric was highly breathable and did not pull on my shoulders or neck.

The drop seat function was my favorite, as I’d moved away from wearing bibs years ago because I am a huge fan of the quick discreet “relief stop” on longer rides. It performed amazingly well and was super easy to do my business in a discrete and quick manner. The lack of zippers in the drop seat design is a game-changer as there is no longer a compromise between comfort and function! Since receiving these shorts two weeks ago, I have only been able to go on a handful of rides but so far the level of quality, research, and thought that went into making the Pro SL EGM Bib shorts is very clear.


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3 years ago

Article about making female specific items to show how in touch the industry and this company is with equality…..and a man doing all the design and thinking. And their model is Angelina Jolie, that is not representative and inclusive.
Good to hear, just commenting. Thanks

3 years ago
Reply to  Slackerz

🙂 😉

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