While many clothing companies have focused on seams and construction features to optimize aerodynamics, Endura’s new D2Z Aero collection utilizes another concept; engineered surface textures created via silicone printing.

The idea is that the textured fabrics will help air flow around your body, and they’ve done the research to prove it. Endura tested the new pieces against competitor’s clothing and found theirs offers the best drag reduction, resulting in energy and time savings.

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Roadsuit data chart

The company also claims the D2Z Aero collection is ‘faster than competitors’ clothing at a range of speeds’, not just at one single data point. For example, the Roadsuit was designed for aerodynamic performance at speeds between 32-50km/h (see above chart), so riders should enjoy extra efficiency whether descending full-tilt or traversing a flat.

Furthermore, each piece is purpose-designed for its application- One suit is optimized for the typical speed and body position of a TT rider, while the road racing gear is tweaked a bit differently.

D2Z Aero Encapsulator Suit

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Encapsulator suit, side

After more than 80 prototypes Endura is finally ready to release the D2Z Aero Collection’s flagship piece, the Encapsulator Suit. This Time Trial bodysuit is optimized for riders sitting in an aggressive ‘TT’ position and carrying speeds between 46-58km/h.

The suit features Endura’s patent-pending SST (Silicone Surface Topography) technology. Little 3-D silicone chevrons are strategically positioned on the upper arms and flank panels, helping to reduce drag around the rider’s body.

The Encapsulator suit comes with Endura’s 1000 Series Aero Pad, which is three-dimensionally cut from one block of foam and shaped specifically for the TT body position. The chamois also has a perforated TRS foam ‘dermis’ layer to aid blood flow and wick away moisture, and a high-stretch BioCeramic antibacterial face fabric.

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Encapsulator suit, rear

Since you wouldn’t want to jam a bunch of pins through this high-quality garment, Endura’s Encapsulator pocket holds your race number behind a thin translucent mesh. Oh, and despite an initial ban the mesh pocket is now UCI approved!

The D2Z Encapsulator Suit uses five different fabrics to achieve a solid fit, comfort, durability and aero efficiency. Retail price is $574.99 USD.

D2Z Aero Roadsuit

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Roadsuit, front Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Roadsuit, rear

The D2Z Aero Roadsuit features heavily textured sleeves, flank panels and SST leg prints to maximize aerodynamics at typical road riding speeds (32-50km/h). The suit is a one-piece unit, offering a minimalist ‘race’ fit that is specifically shaped for the road racing body position. Like the Encapsulator, five different fabrics are employed in different areas of the suit.

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Roadsuit, pocket spoiler

The Roadsuit uses the 1000 Series Aero chamois pad, and features three back pockets. The pockets are topped with a bonded, windproof spoiler cover that keeps things low-profile when the pockets are full, yet still allows easy access. MSRP is $449.99

D2Z Aero Bibshort and Jersey

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Jersey Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Bibshort

If a full bodysuit is more than you really want, Endura says their separate D2Z Aero bibshort and short sleeve jersey provide the same aerodynamic advantages as the suits but in a more versatile package.

In addition to its SST textured panels, the D2Z Aero Jersey features a lightweight internal hem elastic with silicone gripper, and a full front zipper for effective venting. The jersey sells for $199.99.

The bibshorts’ bib is made from a lightweight, moisture wicking mesh and the lower section features strips of SST silicone chevrons on the outsides of each leg. The shorts use the same one-piece 1000 Series chamois as the suit version, and there’s a small pocket on the leg for stashing power gels. The shorts sell for $239.99.

D2Z Aeroswitch Helmet

Endura D2Z Aero 2018, Aeroswitch helmet

*Images c. Endura Sport

Endura has also created a D2Z Aeroswitch helmet to complete this kit, but it is not currently available in the USA. The helmet is designed for aero efficiency under direct airflow, but also strives to minimize additional drag as yaw angles increase. The model name hints towards this helmet’s most unique feature: The Aeroswitch’s tail can easily be snapped off, offering a shorter and more ventilated mode for longer or more casual road rides.

The D2Z Aero Collection is now available, with all above garments offered in sizes XS-XXL and in Black only. check out Endura’s website to locate a dealer near you.



  1. DJ on

    No mention of Endura being sold? Scottish cycling clothing brand Endura has been bought by Pentland Brands, the company behind such sports brands as Speedo, Mitre and Canterbury.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    Will the encapsulate suit be available through the custom program. It is a bit ridiculous price wise but if you think of it a good Skinsuit can make a huge difference to a top TT’er and how many folks who don’t race have 2 grand worth of wheelset on their bike.

  3. wiggy on

    Custom encapsulator suits are available. And no major brand is doing what Endura are doing with silicone surface topography? I believe it is patent pending?

  4. ascarlarkinyar on

    550.00 for 1% better air resistance? The only people this will make a difference to get them for free anyways in sponsorship. The rest just wanna be kool…. soo many better place to throw money away to make you faster. Especially aerodynamically.


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