ESI Fit Grip silicone shaped xc mountain bike (2)

As “the Original 100% Silicone Grip,” ESI grips have been a favorite of racers and mountain bikers for years. Excellent at absorbing vibrations transmitted through the bars, ESI’s grips are also pretty light coming in between 50-80g per set. While the silicone construction is designed to conform to your hand, the barrel shaped grips probably aren’t viewed as the most ergonomically correct design out there.

To help create an even more comfortable connection with your bike, ESI is introducing an all new grip. As their first shaped grip, the FIT XC. Using a patent pending design, the FIT XC grips feature three distinct grip zones. Designed to be run with the fattest section to the outside of the bar, the material of the grip is beveled from one thickness to the next for a comfortable purchase.

Slide on a new grip next…

ESI Fit Grip silicone shaped xc mountain bike (1)On their Facebook page, ESI calls the new FIT XC a cross between a Chunky and an Extra Chunky grip. This should mean plenty of cushion where you need it. Divided into an inner, middle, and outer zone ESI describes the FIT as having an inner, natural place to rest your hand against for controlling turns. That transitions into the thinner middle section for generating torque for climbing, which then flows into the widest outer section for padding under the Ulnar nerve and artery for descending comfort.

The FIT XCs still have all the features you’ve come to love from ESI grips, just in a different design. If you’re new to silicone grips, they tend to offer great wet or dry grip, stay in place pretty well without the need for lock-ons or glue/hairspray, and hold up well to the elements and wear. Installed with rubbing alcohol or window cleaner, grips can be cleaned using the same or acetone and a rag.

Currently being offered in black only with limited quantities, the FIT XC grips retail for $32.92. Quite a bit more than their round grips, but ESI mentions the manufacturing process for the FIT involves extra steps, hence the increase in price.


  1. Bob on

    I have been using an original straight set for quite a while. They have held up really well, much better than the previous lock on grips that wore out in a couple of months. Grip is good with gloves, do not notice as much trail buzz. No noticeable wear or tears. Mine are red and show dirt but that doesn’t matter to me.

  2. Brian on

    Hmm… interesting. I’d like to see some reviews on this thing and see what people think of it compared to the regular Chunky.

  3. Ricky on

    Bob – use a clean terry cloth rag and some rubbing alcohol to clean your grips. The first time I tried it, I was surprised how well it worked making my “brown” grips white again 😉

  4. priority drinker on

    Brian +1, Esi end caps are softer than cheep Frisbee plastic. Bump one against a tree or wash out and they’re toast. They should use a lock on ring as the end cap to keep them from trying to slide off of the bars, too.

    They are still the most comfortable grips I’ve ever used, though. Especially the extra chunky.

  5. Charles on

    ESI grips are the best there ever is or was. I have been riding them for over 10 years now. Nothing else compares. I have also had some time (before winter set in) on the new Fit grips and I have to say there really is noticeable difference. It just seems like I have more control over my bike. The price is a little high I know but when you really take into account what goes into each and every grip you will understand. Made in the USA all the way and family owned.


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