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EVOC bikepacking bags go big for versatility & Commuter AIR airbag backpack gets real!

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EVOC has given their fully-waterproof, Boa dial-equipped mini bikepacking bag range a welcome upgrade, with much bigger capacities and some all-new designs that will satisfy riders on both short trips and multi-day adventures. Plus, their Commute A.I.R. Pro Pack cycling commuter backpack with an airbag inside is no longer just a prototype. This kind of safety doesn’t come cheap, but now you’ll actually be able to purchase one…

EVOC waterproof bikepacking bags size up

EVOC bikepacking bags, testing

We actually really liked EVOC’s miniature bikepacking bag range when it debuted three summers ago – packing lots of unique little features. But using it ourselves, we quickly came to the realization that it would benefit from bigger size options. The small bags were perfect for those really long weekend rides, but for bigger adventures we needed some more storage. It seems the people that create EVOC bags also got hooked on bikepacking in the last 3 years too, so they found many things they could improve on…

Now, with just what we wanted, you can mix-and-match many different-sized packs to best suit your type of bikepacking adventure – available in bluish steel and carbon gray, with low-key reflective EVOC logo tags.

EVOC bikepacking bags, complete setup

The completely revamped range now includes 14 options (up from 8 in 2020), all fully waterproof with welded seams and waterproof zippers, plus lighter internal plastic structures. All of the roll-top bags also add hidden pressure release ports that let air out as you roll them closed, without letting water in.

Handlebar Pack BOA – 2.5L Small & 5L Medium

EVOC bikepacking bags, Handlebar Pack BOA - 2.5L Small detail

The Handlebar Packs feature a BOA dial attachment bracket much like the original, but now with improved cable channels to better fit around your cockpit setup, plus new attachment loops for external bungees to quickly stow extra gear. While many of the other bags grow considerably, these two stay small.

EVOC bikepacking bags, Handlebar Pack BOA - 5L Medium

They do however appear to have increased a bit in diameter – so they are easier to load, and also end up narrower – so there’s more room for your hands in between the hoods on a dropbar.

EVOC Handlebar Pack BOA 2.5L $130 / 120€, 5L $150 / 140€,

Seat Pack BOA – 6L Small, 8L Medium, 12L Large & 16L XLarge

EVOC bikepacking bags, Seat Pack BOA - 6L Small, 8L Medium, 12L Large & 16L XLarge

The biggest shift really is in the EVOC’s BOA-equipped saddlebags. The new BOA Seat Pack grows from the original’s 1/2/3L sizing to new 6/8/12/16L sizes for real adventure carrying capacity.

EVOC bikepacking bags, Seat Pack BOA closure 

You still get the unique plastic bracket (with a refined, size-specific shape) that sits against your seatpost and is tensioned securely with a Boa dial – the rationale being, less contact on your post and even some dropper compatibility.

EVOC bikepacking bags, Seat Pack BOA - Large prototype

The new, bigger Seat Packs ditch the complicated closure of the first generation for a simpler roll-down layout with plastic buckles and adjustable webbing straps. Also new are criss-crossed bungees up top to stash an extra layer of clothing close at hand.

EVOC Seat Pack BOA 6L $130 / 120€, 8L $150 / 140€, 12L $170 / 160€ & 16L $190 / 180€

Seat Pack – 2L XXSmall & 4L XSmall

EVOC bikepacking bags, Seat Pack - 2L XXSmall & 4L XSmall

At the same time that their BOA pack goes big, EVOC also realized there was still a need for the smaller saddlebags, too… ideal for those long days on the bike in changing weather conditions. But now the 2L & 4L Seat Packs keep it simple with no extra plastic mounting bracket and just a simple velcro strap around the seatpost. Inside it gets the same lighter reinforcement, and outside the simplified roll-down waterproof closure.

EVOC Seat Pack 2L $60 / 50€, 4L $70 / 60€

Multi Frame Pack – 0.7L Small & 1L Medium

EVOC bikepacking bags, Multi Frame Pack - 0.7L Small & 1L Medium

The Multi Frame Pack is the least changed since the original edition, maintaining essentially the same overall shape that will fit in many places on all types of bikes. Now it just gets the same simplified welded seam construction and a single long slit opening for access from the side.

EVOC bikepacking bags, Multi Frame Pack - 1L Medium

As in the first edition, a strap all around the pack offers at 5 different places for you to attach 2 or 3 Hypalon velcro straps to secure it wherever your bike has free space.

EVOC Multi Frame Pack Small $50 / 50€, Medium $60 / 60€

Frame Pack – 1.5L Small & 3.5L Medium

EVOC bikepacking bags, Frame Pack - 1.5L Small & 3.5L Medium

The all-new frame packs are simply scaled-up Multi Frame bags to carry more gear inside traditional frame layouts. A big full-length zip on each side accesses everything inside, and two sizes to fit your frame with room for a cage & water bottle to spare.

EVOC Frame Pack Small $80 / 80€, Medium $95 / 90€

Top Tube Pack

EVOC bikepacking bags, Top Tube Pack

The Top Tube Pack thankfully gets a bit bigger as well (now ~0.75L), but most importantly a boxier shape so it should now fit most mobile phones (a flaw of the original). The bag comes with two Hypalon straps to mount it, but they can also be removed as the bag is designed to work with direct bolt-on toptube mounts, as well.

EVOC Top Tube Pack $45 / 40€

Tool Wrap

EVOC bikepacking bags, Tool Wrap

This little Tool Wrap is actually the most unique of the bikepacking bunch, as EVOC never really made something like this. Essentially just a flat-fold tool roll from the same waterproof fabric, it offers three pouches to pack your standard mid-ride repair kit.

EVOC bikepacking bags, Tool Wrap

With Hypalon flaps that secure it shut top & bottom, a simple velcro strap secures it under your saddle rails for shorter rides. Or toss it into one of your bigger bags to keep your tools organized & protected on bigger multi-day bikepacking adventures.

EVOC Tool Wrap $40 / 35€

All of the new EVOC bikepacking bags will be available from autumn 2022.

EVOC Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 airbag backpack

EVOC Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 airbag backpack

We already covered this wild airbag backpack last fall, and the details haven’t really changed. Just now, we know that it will be available direct from EVOC this autumn for a whopping 990€, and in-store at select retailer shops from next spring.

evoc commute airbag pack inflated rear view

Inside the 18L commuter backpack there is a conventional back protector, and inside the shoulder straps & top of the bag is the rechargeable Minerva-made airbag that comes out to protect you in a crash. It takes just 0.2 seconds to inflate (I’ve demoed it and it is explosively quick, and a bit loud) and protects your neck, shoulders, collarbones & chest from impact.

EVOC Commute commuter backpacks

On top of the airbag bag, EVOC also has a new more conventional 230€ Commute Pro 22 backpack with just a back protector, a 170€ Commute 22 bag without protector, and 140€ commuter Duffle Backpack for hauling your bike-to-work gear around.

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1 year ago

Maybe a dumb question but I’ll ask anyway: is the Commuter AIR backpack’s airbag repackable after deploying? Or is it a for-replacement item after it’s done its job?

1 year ago
Reply to  TypeVertigo

Anytime my car’s air bags go off it is a total write off!

1 year ago
Reply to  LemondRider

True for cars, yes, but the article above does state the airbag is “rechargeable.” Just trying to make sure what this means exactly.

I’m guessing it means the system can have a replacement of the pressurized gas that inflates the airbag, but whether or not the airbag itself needs replacement or not is up in the air.

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