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EVOC Ride Backpacks for MTB embody 8L, 12L and 16L purposeful packages

evoc ride packs aimed at beginner mountain bikers
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The new EVOC Ride Backpacks are not what you’d typically expect from the extreme sports brand. These aren’t aimed at the gnarliest mountain bikers out there. Without a dedicated in-built back protector, these EVOC MTB packs should be more versatile than your average EVOC riding packs – as useful on out on the trails as they would be on the daily commute. 

EVOC Ride MTB Backpacks

basic entry level evoc mtb packs 8l 12l 16l sizes

I want to call them entry-level though, they do look to have many of the same quality features we’ve come to expect from an EVOC MTB pack. Available in 8L, 12L and 16L sizes, all EVOC Ride packs can accommodate a 2L hydration bladder.

mtb backpacks with 2 liter bladder water hydration carry

That bladder secures into the pack’s main compartment via a small velcro strap, partitioned off from the rest of your gear. The hose exits the pack at the top, in between the two shoulder strap. It routes over the rider’s right shoulder and clicks into place on the front of the shoulder strap.

The EVOC Ride packs are aimed at those who are new to mountain biking. Riders who aren’t considering taking risks that might result in the need for a CE Certified back protector. Though no one plans for these events, of course.

evoc ride 8L 12L 16L MTB backpacks accomodate 2L hydration bladder compartmentalized tools spares storage space

As with many other EVOC MTB packs, the EVOC Ride pack’s main compartment can be fully opened with zippers running the full length of the pack. The inside face of the main compartment features several zippered and meshed pockets. These will serve riders well as neat compartmentalized areas for storage of tools and spares.

The shoulder straps look to be well padded for all day riding comfort. Two additional adjustable straps hold the pack securely in place when the trails get rough. Length and height of the chest strap are both adjustable. The latter adjustment is made possible as the strap itself is secured via runners on each shoulder strap.

mountain bike backpack for beginners riders

The waist belt of the EVOC Ride 12L and 16L packs features additional mesh pockets for carrying bars and gels, or other things that need to be easily accessible on a ride. The 16L also features a mesh pocket on the outside of the main pack that is big enough to accommodate an extra water bottle.

EVOC Ride 8L MTB Pack can carry open face helmet full face
The 8L EVOC MTB Pack can carry an open face helmet or a full face helmet

All EVOC Ride packs have a helmet carry option. Its size is adjustable so should fit all sizes of helmet, open and full face. It seems large enough to carry extra stuff too, like a waterproof jacket or elbow pads that you won’t necessarily want to wear on the climbs.

evoc ride mtb packs ventilated padding at rear

Finally, the backs of the EVOC Ride packs look to be well padded out. Never have I worn an EVOC pack that is uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t expect these new packs to be any different. It’s the EVOC Air Pad system that provides cushioning between you and your stuff. You’ll see it’s made up of four separate pads with channels in between them to allow air to circulate through and keep you cool.

 mtb pack with integrated whistle emergencies

In case of emergencies, all three EVOC Ride packs are fitted with an integrated whistle on the chest strap fastener. The inside of the main compartment also has an “emergency plan” printed on it. A clip at the rear of the pack can house a light for commuting.

Pricing & Availability

The 8L and 12L EVOC Ride backpacks are each sold with or without a 2L hydration bladder. The 16L version doesn’t come with a bladder option, though it can accommodate one. All packs are available from Autumn 2020.


The 8L pack has the dimensions 24 x 43 x 8 cm and weighs a claimed 500g, empty. Get it in Black or Loam-Carbon Grey colorways.


The 12L pack has the dimensions 24 x 47 x 10 cm and weighs a claimed 590g, empty. Get it in Carbon Grey-Black or Chili Red-Carbon Grey colorways.

16 Liter mtb pack evoc

The EVOC Ride 16L pack has the dimensions 24 x 49 x 14 cm and weighs a claimed 600g, empty. Get it in Black or Light Olive–Olive colorways.

EVOC Ride Price with 2L bladder:

  • 8L: $120
  • 12L: $130

EVOC Ride Price without bladder:

  • 8L: $90 / €80
  • 12L: $100 / €90
  • 16L: $110 / €100  


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Mark MTR
Mark MTR
3 years ago

When my 10 yrs Camelbak Mule give up (maybe another 20 yrs from now) than I might probably consider buying one of these.

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