This year, Frostbike turned out to be more like de-Frostbike with temperatures in the low 60s. In this case, that turned out to be beneficial as the desire to get outside and soak up some of that sun exposed just how much the new paint on the Macho Man Disc really shines. For the most part, the big news from All-City is the addition of new finishes for their bikes, but there were also some additions in the form of smaller wheels and tires and new builds. But maybe most importantly, a few of these bikes also include lower price points making it easier than ever to be a part of the #partybrand…

Along with the stunning paint, the Macho Man Disc sees an all new build kit that gets rid of the front derailleur and goes 1x. Frame changes include the addition of rear rack mounts, and the addition of 43, 46, and 49cm frame sizes that will all come with 650b x 41mm Surly Knard tires. The larger sizes will all still include standard 700 x 33c tubeless ready Clement MXP tires.

To launch the new Space Horse Disc All-City put together a ridiculous loaded touring video which will have you loading up the rig and heading out to the woods to shotgun LaCroix in no time flat.

As for the bike itself, the Space Horse Disc sees another beautiful paint job and the addition of a SRAM Apex build which drops the price down to $1500. On the Space Horse Disc, the 43 and 46cm sizes also run 650b x 38mm tires and wheels, relying on the Vee Tire Co. Speedsters for both the smaller tires and the standard 700c. Vee Tire Co. tells us that these will also be available in 650b x 40 and 47mm and 700c x 40, 50, and 60mm sizes.

Finally, the Nature Boy disc keeps the single speed drivetrain but adds bright green paint and the same 650b sizes as the Macho Man Disc in 43, 46, and 49cm.

Also relying on the Surly Knard for the smaller sizes, the new Nature Boy Disc drops the price to $1150. All of the above should be available in April.


  1. whytho on

    The hipsters not wearing helmets because they look cooler without them trend is not what the industry needs.

    So incredibly sketchy, and companies should really take a stand on all of it.

  2. Chris on

    It’s clearly a joke video, but it is fair to point out that people should try to promote the use of helmets. They do say to wear a helmet at the end of the video but it is hard to tell if that, too, is a joke.

  3. Thor29 on

    I’m getting really tired of all the self righteous helmet worshippers. Chris, you done trolled me. I give up. Riding a bike is not that dangerous and your head will not explode if you don’t wear a little piece of styrofoam on your noggin when you go for a bike ride. Helmets are a little bit of extra insurance if you happen to crash and land on your head. Even then they won’t absorb all the impact and you still might die. Get over it.

    • Stanley on

      Possibly the helmet worshippers are also tired of your self righteous attitude. Clearly you’ve never suffered a severe concussion or traumatic brain injury. That is obvious. If you had then you would realize just how fragile the gray matter soup inside your skull actually is and how quickly smashing it can change your life forever.

      But really, do what you want, I don’t care. (deleted)

    • Chris on

      Hi Thor, thanks for the response. Maybe you’re right that it is a bit self-righteous – I apologize. And in the video they are mostly on fire roads and trails with few cars, so it is certainly safer. I mostly commute by road or bike local mtb trails so I’m always wearing a helmet while on the bike. Maybe wearing a helmet doesn’t offer as much protection as a biker’s own discretion and awareness, in certain cases. But I still cant help but think of the people I know who have been struck by cars or had serious wrecks on the trail. I’ve split a helmet in half against a tree when I wrecked on a leafy downhill, and walked away from what could have been a serious concussion. I’ll stick to wearing helmets.

      • Kernel Flickitov on

        Already had 130 disc, that died. Had 135 too. Look around, it’s on it’s way out. Do thru axles make no sense with disc to you? I’m in the market for a new bike, I’m not trying to go backwards.

        • mudrock on

          A lot of new disc-equipped touring bikes forgo thru axles, and from reputable designers – Ritchey, Breezer, and many brands like Trek Kona etc. Thru axles are rarer in shops, there is no set standard yet for road bikes, and the rear spacing is wider, which inhibits heel clearance. I have a new cross bike that has TA front, for stiffer steering, and QR rear, for better clearance and faster wheel changes.

          • Kernel Flickitov on

            “Rarer”? Maybe around you. None of the shops around me have a problem with thru axles because the’re all mtb dealers too. Even all the new road bikes are going thru f&r. I’m not looking for faster wheel changes. If I’m racing CX I bring a pit bike.

  4. PBob on

    I love my Macho Man disc. Had I seen this video before I made my purchase, I probably would have bought a Soma Double Cross. I definitely don’t fit All City’s target demographic.

  5. rodegeek on

    More folks die of brain injuries in car crashes than bike crashes. We need mandatory helmet use for all motor vehicle drivers and passengers. And they all should sign waivers when buying a car that remind them how dangerous driving is (like the waivers I sign before every race).


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